Important Alteration To The R4C Process!

Date: August 12, 2021

Note:  This special email is going out to inform subscribers of recent developments with regard to the formal challenge of the twelve presumptions of law. While I have never claimed to have all the answers, I have been diligent in seeking solutions to our mutual concerns for maintaining our liberty in the midst of an upside down world which is being manipulated beyond all imagination by those in Power! It is not up to me, it is up to you, individually, to educate yourselves and to figure out how you wish to handle any given legal challenge to your liberty. Because ultimately it is you who has to take responsibility for your actions or inactions.

As evidence of my personal commitment to each of you, subscribers and supporters of the website, I am sending this message for your serious consideration. Due to the verification of information that has recently come to light, we are suggesting a slight alteration to the refusal for cause process which we trust the courts will not be able to ignore or disqualify. But don’t take that sentiment to the bank just yet because it has yet to be verified in reality. This alteration involves adding one extra document to the refusal for cause of the citation that is returned to the officer and also, most importantly, sent as notification to the court.

The attachment above ( Formal Challenge to the Twelve Presumptions of Law.pdf ) is a formal challenge of the court’s undisclosed presumptions that are, according to information recently uncovered, used to rope people into the court’s jurisdiction without their knowing or understanding how that was done. Because this is a challenge to the court’s officers presumption jursidiction, we think it must be done timely, that is, the first thing out of the box before you even utter a word in court. (There is some indication that this challenge may be done at any time during the course of a legal matter, but we have not been able to confirm that just yet.)  Otherwise, the court will proceed under the presumption that it has permission to act according to the twelve presumptions.

One of my subscribers has used this challenge in a recent action coming against himself with apparent success (with emphasis on the word “apparent”). He reported back that as soon as he sent it out to the proper parties, the next day the plaintiff in the matter coming against him moved to have the action against him dismissed. Rather than hold this important information back for further verification, we have determined that its use may be critical enough that it ought to be added and applied directly from now on to each refusal for cause issue that comes to your attention. It certainly cannot hurt.

Because it is early yet in this process, there are no guarantees as we do not know, as of the present, what, if anything, the court will decide to do in order to get around this additional direct challenge to its undisclosed justification for assuming jurisdiction in the matter of a victimless violation of the traffic code. In fact, we do not think the court can, legally or otherwise, get around this challenge. And we provide this caveat only as a precautionary warning, and something to be aware of in the present.

One other note, the document challenging the twelve presumptions of law does not need to be notarized, but does need to be viewed as a verified statement. The suggested language for the verification of the challenge is included on the last page of the above PDF. Also, do not forget to list this challenge document of the presumptions of law on your Certificate of Mailing along with the traffic citation listing so that you have proof of service of both documents.

So enough with the introduction. Let’s get on to the meat of this communication. Vince Lombardi once famously stated that “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” That sentiment has never been so meaningful as in the present moment and situation.

Hello Friends,

This journey to learn about how to implement a lawful (common law) process to disqualify the corporate STATE in its exuberance to seek unjust enrichment through the use of a fraudulent legal process based upon non-disclosure of material facts to the victim of the State’s process has been a long and arduous one. No doubt there were moments when many of us wanted to give up our search for remedy because everything we thought and were taught was true about law was being thrown back into our faces, disregarded by the courts for no discernible reason!

Well, today, we think, that era may have come to an end. At least until the courts can figure out a way to get around what we are going to expose about their dirty little secrets. Once this information gets out and becomes common knowledge (like fat chance that it ever will!), the legitimacy of these courts and the private law that they practice while pretending to be public servants will come into wider question in the public, and the hypocrisy of the State officer’s “more holier than thou” attitude will have been broken and splintered forever.

Folks, we live in an artificially created world, created by the Powers That Be for the Powers That Be. But who are and where are these Powers? Do they even exist in reality? Or are they all just Paper Tigers? Literally existing only on paper! Without any substance! These are questions that each one of us must ask and answer for ourselves, and be willing to test the artificial legal system that has been created around our NAMES by a nameless and faceless bureaucracy pretending to be public trustees of a Public Charitable Trust, the United States.

In recent days we have received verification of at least two different remedies which we have recently written about – in the Newsletter and in Articles – from subscribers with personal experience who have written in to validate those remedies: the Assumed Name Certificate and the Challenge to the Twelve Presumptions of Law. Today, though, we are going to focus on just one of those remedies. Not too long ago, I received the following brief email message from one of my long time subscribers who, like myself, is willing to try anything at least once. 

Hi Tom, So I was fighting the City of Chicago Building Dept and filed with them a rebuttal of the “12 presumptions of the court”. The next day, after filing with the clerk and sending a copy to the City, the city dismissed the case against me with no fine or costs.

At first glance, this seemed to be documenting a win using the challenge to the twelve presumptions of law. However there is a caveat. The subscriber wrote back a few days later to inform me that there was more to this story than what was first disclosed. He had been playing hardball with the City of Chicago, threatening to go after people’s bonds. He wrote back: “One other challenge... I discovered that if the judge acted to violate his oath of office, I could sue their bond. I prepared to do just that and told them about that. It was another incentive to drop the case.”

What this disclosure did was to throw a monkey wrench into the works. I wrote back telling him: “I agree with your conclusion. The liability possibilities were beginning to mount up. A similar thing happened in the case that I wrote about in the newsletter about Carlos, the belligerent claimant who claimed estoppel.” In that latter case, the prosecutor wasn’t making any headway in getting Carlos to acknowledge a connection with defendant, and the prosecutor’s checkbook was on the line (meaning that he would have to pay for the case out of his own pocket) if he couldn’t identify a surety to pick up the state’s tab (fines). 

So, an added incentive is to do to them what they do to us: threaten to make a claim on their bond for violation of oath of office so that they cannot be insured to work in a public office. This isn’t the first time I’ve read about such incentives being used in order to obtain a dismissal. Anything to make the road ahead a bumpy one for them. Provides them with  something to think about before they endeavor to move a matter forward.

It seemed fortuitous that the day before the subscriber added the challenge to the twelve presumptions of law, the City attorney wasn’t contemplating dropping the case. But after receiving that challenge, the very next day, he made up an excuse to drop the case. The City attorney wrote in an email: “The inspection earlier today found substantial compliance on the clean up in the front and back, the City will seek to dismiss with such an order and no costs and no fines and have the motion stricken.” Just a little too convenient of an excuse, don’t you think?

Bottom line: It would appear that the challenge of the twelve presumptions played a role, but not a definitive one, in my opinion. There were other incentives for the City attorney to consider to help him along the road to dropping the case.

For anyone who has followed the past few Newsletters and especially the one announcing the article on the Twelve Presumptions of Law, in which article I provided a download link to a PDF purporting to be a challenge to these twelve presumptions of law, you will no doubt know what I’m writing about. The subscriber above used that very PDF as a template without changing a thing in its verbiage for his own challenge. I have included a lightly edited version of that PDF with this email for your scrutiny and consideration. It can be used as a template for your own verified statement of challenge should you find yourself needing to use it.

In the recent past, many of us have learned through experience that the courts are wholesale ignoring our notices (refusal for cause notifications) while attaching to people’s driver licenses and suspending them if they don’t respond to the citation with which they were presented by an officer of the corporate policy enforcement branch. Well, hopefully that reality is about to end!
What I am proposing, and this is purely your own decision to take, is that from this day forth we institute a small amendment to our legal process. Anyone being issued a frivolous ticket for a traffic violation (or just about any other regulatory violation that they can imagine) that when they send back the abandoned paper (the citation) to the person who issued it, that you include in that package an original of the “Formal Challenge to the Twelve Presumptions of Law.” You can make a photocopy of the original Challenge that you send to the officer (or print out another original and sign it) when sending a photocopy of the R4C’d ticket as notice to the court.

Now, while this challenge document does not need to be notarized, it does need to be viewed as a verified statement. The suggested language for the verification of the challenge is included in the PDF that is attached. Also do not forget to reference this Challenge document (in addition to the citation) on your Certificate of Mailing as proof of service. 

Notice that the way one signs this Challenge statement should be using your surname in the first position followed by a comma, and then your given name, the First and Middle names, just as these names are also listed on a United States of America passport or passport card. Why is that? The reasoning should be obvious! You are making a distinction between the legal entity, what is also called the ens legis, and the flesh and blood man. This should be especially powerful if, when you enter this challenge to the presumptions of law, you are also able to include a copy of your Assumed Name Certificate (ANC) and Certificate of Existence (providing that you have timely and previously made application for, been isused, and fulfilled the requisite validation for an Assumed Name Certificate in your name). Although it is my understanding that the ANC alone is powerful enough to end the matter.   

In order to show consistency in this and other legal matters that may come your way, it is suggested that you need to get in the habit of signing everything in this manner, making sure that you follow that signature with either a DBA referencing the ALL CAPS NAME or other verbiage, such as the following, referencing the fact that you are signing on “behalf of the legal entity THOMAS ELIOT SMITH and the living man Thomas Eliot,” as is shown in the PDF. Of course, you will want to replace my name on this document (and any other personal references) with your own. Signing in this way brings home the point that you do not act in the capacity of having or using a trade name or legal name, both of which consist of a First Middle and LAST name, and both of which present prima facie (presumptive) evidence of one’s operating in commerce. 

By the way, speaking of passports, if anyone is interested, one of my other subscribers has authored a rebuttal challenge to the U.S. State Department’s presumption that you are acting in commerce (i.e., as a U.S. citizen rather than an American State National) when making an application for a passport or passport card. What this subscriber learned after submitting his affidavit along with his passport application to the State Department is that the passport card that was ultimately issued back to him had a special designation (five stars) telling public officers in the know to leave this person alone, do not hassle them because they can make life miserable for you if you do.

He has already benefited  from this action. He says that the passport card with five stars “reflects your non-resident alien status. In other words, i have ID evidence that i am not the all-caps name. but they just walk right through it. but on the bright side, i am no longer arrested for not having a license when i show a traffic cop my passport card. they still ticket me but allow me to ‘drive’ away.” Another person whose account I read about said that when he was at an airport and the TSA stopped him and were checking him out, that once they saw his corrected passport (as a foreign Ministerial Diplomat), they apologized and let him pass without any further hindrance. Now, I realize these are just anecdotal reports, but it is the best we have to go on at the moment.

This subscriber recently sent me a copy of the affidavit that he used to make the application. It is brilliantly written, and it rebuts the major presumptions that the U.S. State Department uses to keep people on the corporate “ship of” STATE when issuing passport documents. Anyone wanting a copy of that affidavit needs to just write me with “Send me the Passport Affidavit” in the subject line. This affidavit, if you will stop to think about it for a minute, can be used when renewing an expired passport or making application to amend an already issued yet not expired passport or passport card. With regard to the latter reason, you have a right to correct any error listed on your original passport application. I don’t think they can turn you down.

I don’t know how many people watched or took notes on the David Straight video that I linked to in “The Twelve Presumptions Of Court” article, but he recommends using your passport as identification (even though it cannot really be considered as such based on the legal technicality of not listing an address within the corporate zone of the United States, which most officers are not aware) when out on the road and being stopped by an officer who asks for the usual self-incriminating documents of the DL, registration and proof of insurance. That document (the passport) does not present you in the capacity of a legal fiction. Rather just the opposite. It presents you as a man or woman, legally, not that the officer will necessarily understand or recognize that nuance (although they should be taught that in order to keep themselves out of trouble with the true sovereigns of these united states of America). If you haven’t yet, you need to watch that video and make up your own mind about what he is proposing, and then take the appropriate action.

It is time that we all begin connecting the dots and taking action if we want to maintain our individual struggle for liberty. They’ve just about taken away all our collective societal rights as it is. Individual rights cannot be breached! That is, if you know what you are doing and take action. I cannot do all the work for you. I’m only a messenger. You have to be willing to educate yourself, figure out what works for you, and then take those actions that will be beneficial for you and your loved ones. In case you haven’t noticed it, your government is at war with you, it’s corporate [presumed] slave citizens. It is high time we all get into this game and rebut the presumptions, or the game, eventually, will be turned on getting us!

I hope I’ve reached at least a few brave souls who are ready to begin taking back their un-a-lien-able rights. Best of fortune to you.

Sincerely yours,

Thomas Eliot
Common Law Remedy


I Jumped The Gun on the Alteration to the R4C Process! And an Announcement!

Date: September 05, 2021

Note: For new subscribers, those who subscribed after August 12, 2021, you will first need to read the August 12th 2021 newletter titled "Important Alteration To The R4C Process!" in order to understand the context of the present newsletter edition. In the original article the correction mentioned in this newsletter was not included. That article has since been corrected to read in accordance with the information being disclosed in this newsletter edition.

Hello Friends,

I must apologize to readers as I jumped the gun before fully understanding all the nuances of how to go about correctly making a challenge to the twelve presumptions of law in the refusal for cause process. This was pointed out to me by two subscribers, and so I am going about to set the record straight with the corrected process description here. 

In the previous newsletter, I made the suggestion that we might want to adjust the process we used when doing a refusal for cause by adding in with the documents we send to both the person who issued us the citation and in the notice to the court a document titled “Formal Challenge to the Twelve Presumptions of Law.” It was pointed out to me that unless that document was in the public record (i.e., recorded with the county recorder or county clerk) that the courts may choose to ignore and not recognize it.

Now this means that it must be recorded prior to and not after the issuance of a citation. Otherwise the court may say, for instance, “Well, this wasn’t on the public record before you got the ticket, hence the government was not notified timely, and so we’re just going to ignore it.” One of the reasons given by one subscriber was that unless you define your status prior to any legal action and have recorded it into the public record, the de facto (foreign agent occupied) state government is not obliged to recognize it since it operates on presumptions of facts (which, by the way, presuming anything to be a fact is against black letter law!).

It is unfortunate that this is the way the courts are set up to view this, but it is what it is. The one subscriber wrote to say, in essence, that the sooner and more consistently one establishes his legal status on the record, the better his chances will be of prevailing in these government courts. And not just on one document, you must be consistent and sign every document wherein you are dealing with the government in such a way as to establish your status as against the government’s presumption of same. The subscriber wrote, “All the records show it — every affixed signature with the reservaton of Rights. Every document, including the driver license applicaton I signed. That same document shows that I’m not a U.S. citizen, but a ‘non-resident alien.’ It is public record for all to see, and it has TEETH! It says mess with me and pay! A long paper trail...proving my status.” 

The important clue to take away from that last statement is “a long paper trail.” Consistency over many years, especially if it’s on the public record where it cannot be denied, is strong evidence in these courts. While this doesn’t necessarily make sense to my understanding of law that this (the necessity of prior recordation) should be so, since in an actual court of law a challenge of presumptions ought to stand no matter when it is entered and over and above the fact that it was recorded. However, we are not dealing with reasonable or even de jure courts these days.

This just points out that these corporate courts do not follow actual law but rather employ a color of law model of their own based in private law (contract) outside the original federal Constitution where the only rules are the ones they make up to justify their criminality. The fact that their contracts are based in fraud means nothing to them. Yet higher authorities than myself have assured me that recordation is a must prior to the issuance of a citation as it becomes standing public notice to the  court of one’s intent and status. Therefore, a word to the wise!

On a more somber note, I have been trying to get this notice out since late last month, but it’s been one thing or another that has delayed my ability to get this done in a timely manner. The time I have available to work on getting things done has been drastically cut into by the illness from which I am suffering, and I’m not able to get things done in as efficient a fashion as I am used to being able to do. From all appearances and the symptomatology that I’m experiencing, it is my perception that what I’m having to deal with is prostate cancer. This illness is chronic, meaning that it has been with me for many months. The fact that I’ve hit it with everything but the kitchen sink using the various treatments I’ve used and it has not budged an inch toward improvement tells me that I’m probably not using a high enough dosage of the medicinal substances I’m using in order to make a turnaround difference.

Over the course of the last several months (since November of last year until the present), I have not been paying that close of attention to this illness. Although I have been treating it as though it might be cancer in terms of treatment, I have not been fully invested in tackling it head on. The factor motivating me has been my determination not to let the illness get in the way of my research into discovering the cirumstances of the legal system we have to put up with, and being able to share those discoveries with newsletter subscribers. In the past, I have put my own health risks on the back burner in favor of being able to figure out how we can get remedy from the legal system. However, that time has come to an end, and I must now focus on helping the body repair itself.

I intend to scale back my activities having to do with the Common Law Remedy website in favor of dealing with this illness. I should say here that readers should not become too alarmed by this as I feel in relatively good health and spirits at the moment. Yet I am reluctant to keep putting up with the loss of quality of life that I have experienced over the past year and four months since having been hit by two health issues, one (cancer) more serious than the other (a bad ankle from a high ankle sprain which limits my mobility). 

I will endeavor to keep working on writing projects throughout this time, but can make no promises as to when they’ll be finished or when they will appear. Incoming subscriber inquiries will also be affected by this work slowdown as it may take me more time than usual to respond to subscriber’s concerns, if I respond at all. If it ever gets to the point where you haven't heard from me in a couple of months, there may not be a me here to hear from. Although I do not expect that will be the case, just keep it in the back of your mind, because this is a one man operation with no backups.

Sincerely yours,

Thomas Eliot
Common Law Remedy


Brief Health Update; The In-Your-Face Quiet War

Date: Feburary 27, 2022

Hello Friends,

I want to begin this with a brief update regarding the illness that has plagued me over the past several months and which has kept me from being able to timely put out a newsletter or write articles regarding the findings I’m coming across with regard to a legal remedy to the victimless traffic citation issue.

As anyone who was a subscriber as of last September 5th, 2021, the last time I put out a newsletter (titled: “I Jumped The Gun on the Alteration to the R4C Process! And an Announcement!”), will recall where I mentioned that I was scaling back my activities on the website due to the need to spend more time focusing on and researching an effective treatment for the chronic illness (presenting as a urinary tract infection/issue) that has affected my body over the past eighteen months, I finally found a treatment that the body is responding to.

Although I am not out of the woods just yet with this illness, the treatment I found and have been using over the past fifty some-odd days has significantly reduced several of the more debilitating symptoms I’ve had to endure, and I’m feeling quite a bit better. The treatment I found is something I happened across while researching something else, and it involves increasing the body’s pH toward an alkaline condition (something I was aware of before but hadn’t seriously looked into) to fight whatever pathogen is causing a problem. This involves monitoring the body’s pH throughout the day in the effort to maintain the reading at 8.0 or better in terms of the body’s ratio of acidity to alkalinity. Seven point zero (7.0) is considered a neutral reading on the 1-14 point scale for the condition of an acid / alkaline condition, so anything below that number means the body is acidic while any reading above 7.0 is considered to be an alkaline condition.

There is a specific protocol that I’ve been following — initially involving plain everyday sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) — which states that an alkaline condition of 7.5 will slow down the growth of pathogens, but that a condition of 8.0 or better will kill whatever pathogen is causing the problem. So I’ve been working on maintaining that 8.0 level of condition. I found a product called pHAdjust which is specifically designed for this treatment that contains replacement amounts of magnesium and potassium for the body in carbonate and bicarbonate forms respectively. pHAdjust also contains a significantly lower amount of sodium than regular baking soda such that you can take a higher dose than with baking soda alone.

It didn’t take long for this treatment to produce a positive result as remarkably by the second day of use there was a definite decrease in one symptom, which decrease has continued unchanged until the present day. Over the next few days, after having started this treatment, two more symptoms were positively affected. So things are looking up in this regard.

Now, to get on with the heart of this message.

Like many of the rest of you, I have been researching and following this so-called coronavirus “pandemic” with great interest. The fact that it was implemented just before the 2020 presidential election as a tool to help influence the election has not been lost on me, as I’m sure it hasn’t been with most of you as well. I have also been following, for the past year or more, the Internet scuttlebutt from alternative media sources (a lot of which is just as lacking in veracity as the mainstream media, so one needs to be careful) with regard to the idea that Donald Trump is somehow still Commander in Chief, and that he will be returning at some point to reclaim the office that was stolen from him through a rigged election once the evidence can be publicly brought to the fore. As for myself, I don’t see that happening any time soon if at all. That boat has already sailed.

Connected with the effort to supposedly vindicate Trump’s claim as president, there is the supposed ongoing hidden-from-public-view [really?] “swamp cleaning” [I’m not buying any swamp cleaning that’s being hidden] of Deep State operatives (so-called White Hats verses Black Hats) going on in the background that is supposed to liberate us (along with the rest of the world) from the oppression we have been living under all our lives, but which is most especially visible during the past two years of this phony pandemic with its coercive lockdowns, economic warfare on small businesses, and terrorist rhetoric espousing the idea of forced so-called inoculations using an experimental gene agent (can’t call it a therapy because it isn’t, nor a “vaccine”  because it hasn’t been approved, only its EUA – emergency use authorization – has been renewed) which has never been formally approved for public consumption. And anyone who thinks it has been approved needs to go back and look at the fine print. They (the Powers That Ought Not To Be) count on our not doing that. Except that this time things have become ramped up to such a frenzy that it amounts to a betrayal of ourselves if we, as individuals, do not take the time personally to investigate each of these activities.

Yet if you step back from everything that’s been taking place over the past twenty-six months or more and take a long hard look, there’s something here, if you haven’t noticed it before now, that doesn’t quite pass the smell test. Not that it hasn’t been obvious from the very beginning. Obvious at least to a few of us who are undistracted and have been paying attention to this phenomenon over the decades. Yes, I said decades. This is nothing new to anyone who has been paying attention to current domestic and world events. Up until the past few years, this phenomenon involving government activities has been a slow moving train wreck heading inexorably forward to some uncharted destination (date) in the future. Except that, over the past fourteen years or so, since 2008, the destination has become quite a bit more visible if not specifically determinable. 

People who are living in economically undeveloped areas of the world where news and information of domestic and world events are scarcely available, if any at all, and/or who are functionally illiterate can be excused for not noticing this phenomenon. For they are likely involved in a day-to-day struggle just to basically survive. But people in developed countries like the U.S. — and not even everyone in the U.S. is economically secure — yet those who are secure who have been exposed to the mainstream media whose only purpose is twenty-four hour a day propaganda, have no excuse for not recognizing this phenomenon save that they have been particularly lax in keeping up with and curious to educate themselves more in depth about the significance of current events.  

What is this phenomenon that I’m referencing? It is the very same one that I referenced when I sent out a welcoming email to each new subscriber in which I spelled out the “inconvenient truth” mentioned in the subject line: that “the country that you thought you belonged to is not the same country as the one that is at war with you, its own citizens.” That war, over the past few years, has become increasingly visible at the passing of each year. But apparently only those who have awaken to it are paying any attention. 

Sir Winston Churchill, in addressing the House of Commons in England in 1948, paraphrased the Spanish philosopher George Santayana when he said: “Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.” What Churchill failed to mention to his listeners that day was that that history has been rigged for centuries. Perhaps in his omission of this detail he felt that it was too much truth for his listeners to absorb. At any rate, his initial warning was meant to sting the ears of each individual in that room. If we, at least as individuals if not necessarily as a collective group, fail to learn from the past, we risk the chance to avoid, or at least to mitigate, what we should have seen coming a long time ago.

With the events that have occurred in our American society itself in recent years, let alone in the rest of the world where such events are also reflected, I am left wondering how people can not see what is occurring. Especially when it is being shoved so ignominiously into our faces as though we are too dumb or distracted to see it. For one thing, the predatory response in recent decades that the state’s mafia legal system has for even the least damaging of frivolous offenses, such as victimless traffic violations of whatever, should have spelled a distinct warning bell signal to us all to sit up and pay attention. Perhaps it was this very predatory response by government that brought you here to find a reasonable solution to the obvious extortion tactics being employed by the government to unjustly enrich its own coffers. Whatever it was that spurred your curiosity, you should now be able to see what’s been happening to our society and to be duly outraged by it. 

In Canada in recent weeks the face of the Master tyrant (Justin Casto-Trudeau) has reared its ugly head to reveal, if anyone was still unsure, his true colors. None other than George Orwell (the pen name used by Eric Blair who wrote the novel 1984) once observed:  “All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.” Isn’t that exactly what happened in Canada with the recent trucker’s strike to do away with Covid mandates, and before that in Australia and New Zealand? There should be no doubt left in your mind that governments around the world are coordinating their efforts to bring their populace into compliance with unconstitutional mandates and edicts based on a fraudulent pandemic designed to frighten people into irrational knee jerk compliance with the stated agenda of genocide through “vaccination.”

Some of us don’t need to track down Internet alternative news reporting to back up what we can see with our own two eyes and know with our clear and uncluttered God given minds. But for those who need that kind of validation about what I’m discussing, perhaps a few of the following examples will make some kind of impression regarding the actuality of what is going on. Take a few moments out of your busy lives to consider the evidence that we are (the world is) in the midst of a [quiet] war against a seemingly invisible foe being enforced by a captured government that attempts to control nearly every impression we have about everything that happens in current events and wants to extend that excessive existential control to a neighborhood near you.

This first example is of an articulate Canadian Army Major who is fed up with tyrannical government overreach. Everything he says applies equally as well here in America. See if you agree. Bet you never saw this on the evening Snooze [news]. And please, don’t just read the brief transcript of key points the Major makes which I’ve provided below. Actually watch the seven minute video. It’s worth the time.

A true hero CANADIAN ARMY MAJOR STEPHEN CHLEDOWSKI breaks rank and speaks the truth  Friday, February 11, 2022   Time: 7:10
@ :25  “For nearly two years our own elected government officials have been using the bullying tactics of fear, intimidation, coercion, and financial and physical violence against us to gain compliance for certain repeated medical procedures. We tell our children that bullying is wrong. We know it to be so. Yet we allow our leaders to do this to us. They have knowingly and repeatedly violated the highest laws of the land. In the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. As well as other signed and international human rights agreements. Canadians have been lulled into believing that the same government who suppresses your freedoms in the name of safety will one day just reward you back with your freedoms if you just comply to ever changing rules and health orders.”

@ 1:10  “That, folks, is the very definition of tyranny! Not democracy. Humans are inherently free.”

@ 4:45  “The Canadian public has a right to be able to make informed medical choices. Especially for their little children. To tell them repeatedly it is "safe and effective" and not give them that choice is a crime and it’s also genocide. The media and government must put an end, immediate halt to all scientific medical censorship.”

Although I’m not a big Glenn Beck fan, I do appreciate the depth to which his staff goes to ferret out the truth. Several of the stories that have appeared under Beck’s banner illustrate the extent to which the mainstream media has betrayed its audience by avoiding (more like refusing) to report the facts on multiple key issues of the day. The whole sixteen minutes is worth listening to because the case that he makes in the end is supported by the details he brings up in the beginning; however, if you can’t spare the time, go to the fourteen (14:00) minute mark and listen to the last two minutes where the ugly truth comes out. I have transcribed a portion of the more enlightening section of Glenn’s talk below. 

Glenn Beck: Wow... FOIA Just Revealed Massive Trillions From Fed Reserve to Banks and Other Countries
  Friday, February 4, 2022  Time: 16:36
Armed with Knowledge  30 January 2022 video
@ 14:00  “... Let’s do the math. And this would be insane. I would have never done this if we hadn’t gotten the official numbers from the Fed of what they did in 2008 to 2010 where they digitized thirty trillion dollars and then lied to us and said it was only five. Thirty trillion dollars. That’s a fact. The fact is that in April they said they were going to continue this "loan" to all of the banks at a trillion dollars a week. Well it’s been ninety-five weeks. That would equate to ninety-five trillion dollars. Plus the thirty [trillion dollars]. Transitory? Even at thirty, transitory inflation? You cannot believe any of these people in Washington. What this means is that your children and our great grandchildren are on the hook for trillions of dollars you never got. Because they went to banks all over the world. We have no idea where this money is going because they won’t answer the question.”

Another credible source and reporter is Benjamin Fulford who used to work reporting on the Asian financial world for Forbes Magazine. Over the decades of his career (he has since left Forbes), Fulford has managed to stay in contact with and in the good graces of several high level information sources. Also, he relies only on his own first hand observation and interviews of key people in order to report what he reports.

If you are able to, watch at least the first 17 minutes or so of this report in order to learn about behind-the-scenes goings-on at the highest levels of societies. Keep this information in mind as you watch the mainstream media’s coverage of current events, in terms of the behind-the-scenes reality that is not being reported to the public. The point being made in the first quotation below is the fact that the Covid-19 so-called virus has never been scientifically isolated to prove its existence! If that is true, and it is, then guess what? The government and the media have been lying to us. It behooves us to recognize the truism that was first brought to our attention in the observation that “In war the first casualty is the truth.” I have transcribed two particularly intriguing sections from his monologue in order to bring certain concepts to your attention.  

New Benjamin Fulford Interview Censored by YouTube via Rumble  Thursday, November 11, 2021   Time: 23:29
@ 13:00  “They can’t prove that Covid-19 exists. Scientifically they cannot. They have not been able to. We know this through multiple Freedom of Information requests to authorities around the world including the CDC and the WHO. So to carry out medical treatment based on lies is a War Crime under the Neuremberg Code. That’s all you need to know.”

@ 15:45  “What people need to understand is that this is no ordinary bankruptcy. We’re talking about a group of families who own not only the United States Corporation, not the republic which was dissolved in 1871. They also own the United Nations, the World Bank, the IMF, the BIS [Bank of International Settlements] etc. Now you think the United Nations is world, is international. Well, it’s privately own. And if you look at five permanent members of the UN security council, you’ve got France, England, the United States, Russia, and China. So four of those five are European. So this is a system of European world control. It’s not a world government. And it’s privately owned. And that’s what’s going to go bankrupt. Not just the United States. That’s why this is so historical.”

If you still believe that the Covid-19 so-called virus is a virus that has been proven to exist, watch the first twenty minutes of the following interview where Dr. Thomas Cowan not only confirms that all virologists agree that the Covid-19 virus has never been isolated and cannot be found to exist in human fluid, but that it was actually the result of the experimental process wherein it was conjured up according to an experimention formula followed in a laboratory. In other words, it is totally an artificial creation meant to fool people into believing that it actually exists in nature! So what is it that is causing so many people to come down with this thing they are calling “Covid-19”? Could it be that they are infecting people with certain of the PCR tests themselves?

The COVID/Virus Delusion (Breaking the Spell) Dr. Lee Merritt Feat. Dr. Tom Cowan (Video)  Friday, February 11, 2022   Time: 49:03 [watch the first 20 minutes]

Next, the following is something I came across in my general research while seeking a remedy to the traffic ticket issue. It stuck out to me because it appeared to describe something I’d noticed from my own experience. Consider the following explanation of how artificial states (i.e., countries, nations, and nation-states) act and see (think for yourself) if it doesn’t describe your experience of the kind of actions taken by our own federal and state governments. [Scroll down to “In Conclusion” in the link immediately below in order to find the two quotations below.]
– In Conclusion –
According to the universal principles and foundations of contract law (See Background, Part I), in the absence of a genuine agreement, no contract exists. What does exist is nothing more than a presumption of contract based on the deceived party (you) having foolishly trusted in the government. Although fraud is unlawful, it is not illegal in artificial State rulership systems. Keep in mind, once again, that all governments are structurally fraudulent due to the origins of their artificial conception. Based on this premise of evidence, it’s an obvious fact that fraud must be “legal” as governments are able to judge themselves as legal in the first place. In other words, the existence of a government is a legality of fraud ab initio [i.e., from the beginning].

Then consider the explanation given in the paragraph beneath the one just quoted, in the section titled “9.2 – Escalation,” and whether or not it describes your experience of how the courts treat people. 

9.2 – Escalation
When a state, by and through its officials and agents, deprives a citizen of all of his remedies by the due process of law and deprives the citizen of the equal protection of the law, the state commits an act of mixed war against the citizen, and, by its behavior, the state [silently] declares war on the citizen. The citizen has the right to recognize this act by the publication of a solemn recognition of mixed war. This writing has the same force as the Declaration of Independence. It invokes the citizen’s U.S. constitutional 9th and 10th so-called amend guarantees of the right to create an effective remedy where otherwise none exists.

Still believe that our governments (municipal, county, state and federal) are not at war with the people? Their own citizens?

Then how do you explain the following. There was a forty some-odd page report allegedly discovered in an IBM copy machine that had been purchased at a surplus sale in 1986. The report itself showed that it was first created in May of 1979. This is not just some Internet yarn being put out to confuse or muddy the field, because a former Navel Intelligence Officer with the Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet, William Cooper, who had a 38 level above top secret clearance, read the same report in a Navel Intelligence Majority Twelve file. It was listed as compiled by the Bilderberger Group. This document was also featured in a book by William Cooper titled Behold A Pale Horse. You can download the document at the link below, and read it for yourself in order to compare it to past and present domestic history.

Silent Weapons Quiet Wars.pdf

A few of the more intriguing quotations from the report follow. See how many of the concepts from excerpts of the report below seem to be appropriate to the present day.

pdf pg. 2
Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, An Introduction Programming Manual was uncovered quite by accident on July 7, 1986 when an employee of Boeing Aircraft Co. purchased a surplus IBM copier for scrap parts at a sale, and discovered inside details of a plan, hatched in the embryonic days of the “Cold War” which called for control of the masses through manipulation of industry, peoples’ pastimes, education and political leanings. It called for a quiet revolution, putting brother against brother, and diverting the public’s attention from what is really going on.

pdf pg. 6
Historical Introduction
The Quiet War was quietly declared by the International Elite at a meeting held in 1954 [by the Bilderberger Group].

Although the silent weapons system was nearly exposed 13 years later, the evolution of the new weapon-system has never suffered any major setbacks.

This volume marks the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the Quiet War. Already this domestic war has had many victories on many fronts throughout the world.

pdf pg. 8
When a silent weapon is applied gradually, the public adjusts/adapts to its presence and learns to tolerate its encroachment on their lives until the pressure (psychological via economic) becomes too great and they crack up.

Therefore, the silent weapon is a type of biological warfare. It attacks the vitality, options, and mobility of the individuals of a society by knowing, understanding,
manipulating, and attacking their sources of natural and social energy, and their physical, mental, and emotional strengths and weaknesses.

pdf pg. 17
Since most of the general public will not exercise restraint, there are only two alternatives to reduce the economic inductance of the system.

1. Let the populace bludgeon each other to death in war,         which will only result in a total destruction of the living     earth.
2. Take control of the world by the use of economic         “silent weapons" in a form of “quiet warfare" and                  reduce the economic inductance of the                     world to a safe level by a process of benevolent         slavery and genocide.

If you read the entire document, you should notice the remarkably arrogant position that its author assumes as an attitude toward people. This reminds me of a quotation by twentieth century novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald, who, in his short story “The Rich Boy” wrote: 

“Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me. They possess and enjoy early, and it does something to them, makes them soft where we are hard, and cynical where we are trustful, in a way that, unless you were born rich, it is very difficult to understand. They think, deep in their hearts, that they are better than we are because we had to discover the compensations and refuges of life for ourselves. Even when they enter deep into our world or sink below us, they still think that they are better than we are. They are different.”  

Lest you think that there is little that you or I can do individually to help bring this barrelling freight train of a New World Order to a halt, there is room for optimism. Legal proceedings are being developed by competent lawyers (not attorners) to bring the perpetrators of this “pandemic” to justice for the blatant criminal violations of the Nuremberg Code and law in general. We each need to back these efforts by staying in contact and staying involved with the prosecution of these proceedings in the name of humanity. The following three links should provide you with some optimism, and are well worth your time to view to educate yourself about the crimes committed and to consider backing when the call for your support is made.

Everyone needs to become involved in this, even if it’s only spreading the news of these developments to a wider circle. If we aren’t willing to back those who are risking their livelihoods and possibly their lives fighting an evil aggressor, then we get what we deserve. If we cannot all unify against obvious tyranny to bring it down, what is there that we can unify around? 

Reiner Fuellmich Announces Grand Jury Proceeding Begin Feb 5th  Monday, January 31, 2022  2nd video Time: 43:31
This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on January 24, 2022.

@ 8:50  “The most important thing that people need to understand is that each and every one of us has to get up and do something. The courts of law will not turn this thing around. The courts of law, if there are any left after this, will probably only be there to do the cleanup work. Most of the European courts of law are totally completely compromised, infiltrated. Because they’ve had thirty years or so to put their puppets in place. One of the most evil puppets is, of course, the current cheif justice of the German constitutional court. So that is why this first step, even though it’s still, we’re still with one foot in the old system because we’re using an institution from the old system. A procedure, a grand jury investigation. The next step is supposed to be a real court of law. Probably not one of the ones that are still existing. Unless of course we manage to go to India, that is one of the few systems where justice still seems to be working.”

@ 9:55   “But we’re encouraging people to set up a completely new parallel system. Including a parallel judiciary. And I’m not just talking about it. But in Africa, in many of the countries in Africa, but also in the United States, there are already people working on a parallel system of justice. So in the end the most important thing is to get people to understand what’s really going on so that they will rise up and fight this. Because it’s not the courts of law, the courts of law will not turn things around. And also to understand that they [the people] are the sovereign. We are the people, it sounds very simple but that’s what it is. That’s what brought the wall down between East and West Germany, and that’s how the American constitution starts.”

@ 10:49 - 11:27 “‘We the people.’ And if they understand that, it’ll only be one small step until we really do regain our sovereignty. We have to disconnect from this old system, its politicians, and its institutions including the global NGOs which are run by the same people who are running the global corporations. It is no use, it is a waste of time and energy, to try to reform that system. It is not reformable. It’s beyond repair. We’re going to have to set up our own system including our own judiciary.”

Day One of the Court of Public Opinion Grand Jury: The People vs. the Cabal (Video)
Sunday, February 6, 2022  Time: 1:25:40
Saturday Reiner Fuellmich and his legal team started moving forward with his long planned International Criminal Proceeding. They will not be using the existing courts. They will be using the institution of the American Grand Jury Investigation as a procedural foundation. They will be using Natural Law which trumps laws of man. This was the basis for our Declaration of Independence.

The goal is to get indictments against Drosten for his fake test kits, against Fauci for his role in pushing this fraud, against Tedros of the WHO for telling these lies to the entire world; specifically the lies of asymptomatic infection and that PCR tests are reliable. They will expose Bill Gates as a major money making conspirator as well as Pfizer and Blackrock.

@ 3:30  [N. Ana Garner, Attorney at Law, USA] “Having been unable to find a court to hear the actual evidence in the current system’s courts of law, we are undertaking this proceeding outside of the current system, and based on Natural Law. This in turn is founded on the firm belief that every person can easily distinguish between good and evil, and between right and wrong. This proceeding may be one of the most important events outside of the courts that will be done this year. We, as a group of international attorneys, will present real evidence from real experts, such as scientists, historians, doctors as well as victims. There are no actors in this presentation. Only real people who desire to bring justice to the word. And we need your help.”

@ 4:13  “The reason for the enactment of a grand jury process is because our world is at a critical stage in humanity. Which will depend on the awakening of all people to reverse a course which could forever alter the way we live as free humans. We must reverse the trajectory of this course now. In portraying a Grand Jury investigation is the fastest way we know to bring the evidence to the world’s public court. You the people. In the United States only District Attorneys or Attorneys General of the various states are allowed to bring such criminal proceedings. But since no one has done so in the United States, we come forward to present the evidence to you in a form modeled after this type of judicial proceeding which is common in the United States.”

@  6:04  “Our forefathers shouldered epic challenges in our history on the foundation of our constitution. It was this constitution and its recognition of Natural Rights and freedoms that released free-spirited human beings from the yoke of the British Crown. Therefore, in recognizing the urgency, we will be asking you, the court of public opinion, to review the presented evidence in order to reclaim our rights and freedoms granted to every person in this country and the world at the end of this proceeding.”

@ 7:00  [Rui Fonseca E. Castro, Judge, Portugal]  “The legitimacy of the court of public opinion basis on the Natural Law. During the last two years we have witnessed [inaudible] the collapse of the rule of law. In the name of an idea of common good, which has never been endorsed, the most fundamental rights and freedoms have been taken from us. And we can already feel the approach of a gigantic [inaudible] of victims. Justice systems, once strongholds of fundamental rights and freedoms no longer fulfill their duties. That is there are no longer judges in [inaudible]. Shall we wait and do nothing until we are completely annihilated? Or rather we assume our responsibilities as members of our communities. It is our rights and above all our duty to the people and to the future generations to resist oppression and tyranny. The Natural Law inherent to human beings regardless of its participation gives us sacred rights of resistance to oppression.” 

@ 8:20  “If constitutions are the source of [inaudible] freedom, fundamental rights and freedoms, Natural Law is its original source. Natural Law confers legitimacy to the people to defend fundamental rights and freedoms before a state that has become tyrannical. It’s clear now the failure of national and international justice systems to protect people from the tyranny that has taken hold. Therefore it’s in the Natural Law, an unwritten law inherent to human condition that this court of the Public Opinion finds its legitimacy to initiate the legal proceedings that will begin today.”

Grand Jury: Corona Investigation Committee! Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s Closing Statements! - Must Video  Saturday, February 19, 2022   Time: 10:00
“Our governments are not our governments anymore. Our Institutions have been infiltrated by those who are committing these crimes against humanity… It is only us, the people, who will make a difference. We will put an end to this.” Lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s Closing Statements – Grand Jury Day 1! 

I have transcribed one small section of the beginning of this presentation.

@ :50  “One: There is no corona pandemic, but only a PCR test plandemic fueled by an elaborate psychological operation designed to create a constant state of panic among the world’s population. This agenda has been long planned. It’s ultimately unsuccessful precursor was the Swine Flu twelve years ago. And it was cooked up by a group of super rich psychopathic and sociopathic people who hate and fear people at the same time, have no empathy and are driven by the desire to gain full control over all of us, the people of the world.”

If anyone is still on the fence with regard to the fact that the Deep State (the C.I.A., F.B.I., N.S.A., U.S. State Departrment et al.) is doing its best to help the Elite bring about a tighter grip on worldwide slavery, and you still believe that the government doesn’t lie to you, consider the following quick breakdown of a current event, the Russian policing action in Ukraine, and find out what the mainstream media doesn’t want to report in its treasonous support of the NWO movement.

If you have yet to come across Stew Peters’ reporting on various issues of the day, you have been missing some of the most accurate reporting and interviews there is available on several current events. I’ve transcribed the first four plus minutes of Stew’s monologue about the Ukrainian issue below. And do take note that he isn’t just reading a script that was provided to him by his superiors at Red Voice Media. Unlike the mainstream media personalities, Stew doesn’t need a script to follow. He speaks his mind freely. How refreshing.

New Stew Peters: Putin Conquers Ukraine  Friday, February 25, 2022   Time: 56:00  [watch the first 10 minute segment for the truth about what this Ukraine issue is really about]  

@ :20  The press wants you to think that Vladimir Putin just woke up one day and was like, “I’m going to go conquer Ukraine.” They want you to think that he’s just another Hitler going around randomly being evil. But that’s a lie. This war is brought about by the incompetence and arrogance of our own State Department as much as it was created by Vladimir Putin. Here’s some history for you. [That the Western media has left out of its reports.] Ukraine used to be not a country at all. Four hundred years ago it’s pieces were split up between Poland, Russia, and the Muslim empire called the Crimean Connate. About half the country was basically uninhabited because if you tried to start a town there, Muslim raiders would simply ride in, kidnap you, and sell you into slavery.

@ 1:00  In the 1700s Russia conquered this whole region. They settled the parts that were uninhabited. They conquered the Crimea and the parts own by Poland. Later the borders of Ukraine were created by Vladimir Lenin after his communist revolution. So what does this all mean? Well, it’s why Ukraine is such a mess today. Because those empty parts of Ukraine that Russia settled were settled by Russians. They speak Russian. They call themselves Russian. They’d rather just be Russia rather than Ukraine. When the Soviet Union fell they simply used the borders created by the communists. So what you have is this failed country where half of the population is pro-Russia and the other half hates Russia. That’s too bad. But then we went and made it worse.

@ 1:45  In 1990 the Soviet Union allowed the two Germanys to unify. When they agreed to that, we promised them that we would not expand NATO any further east. But as soon as the Soviet Union collapsed, we simply broke that promise. We let in Poland and Hungary and Romania and a bunch of other countries, and this made Russia freak out because, guess what, NATO is an alliance created for one purpose: to fight Russia. So for the last fifteen years the U.S. has been agitating for Ukraine to join NATO too. But this was happening too slowly, so we decided to meddle in that country as well. In 2014 Ukraine had a revolution, and CNN will claim that they over threw a dictator to restore a democracy. That’s B.S. Ukraine’s president in 2014 was democratically elected.

@ 2:30  Everybody on all sides admitted that the vote to elect him was fair. But then we were unhappy when he started to pursue more pro-Russia policies. So when some people started pulling BLM style protests against his government, our CIA gave them support. So did our media. It was all a stunt to make a violent coup d’état look like a popular uprising. You had rioters murdering police, and then when the police shot back, we claimed that this was just a dictator just masquerading as civilians. Totally bogus. But we ramped up the pressure. And we forced the Ukrainian president to flee the country. Then a new government came in that was more eager to be our slave.

@ 3:07  This is the government that paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to Hunter Biden. This is the government that also did everything Democrats wanted to do here. They kicked all their political enemies out of their jobs. They banned TV channels that they don’t like. They arrested their political opponents and made a trumped up treason charge. Well some parts of Ukraine didn’t go along with the coup. And they fought back. And they turned to Russia. For the past eight years we’ve had a million chances to compromise. We could’ve agreed to keep Ukraine out of NATO. We could’ve pressured Ukraine to become more decentralized so both ethnic Russians and ethnic Ukrainians can be happy. But we didn’t do that. 

@ 3:44 - 4:17 So finally Russia got fed up and here we are. So that’s what happened. Before the Deep State used BLM and a lying media and ballot fraud to steal the 2020 election, they practiced all of these tactics in Ukraine. This war is just what happens when the target of one of these revolutions fights back. The ethnic Russians in Ukraine are like our January 6th protesters, and the Deep State wants to crush them for the same reason they want to crush the Jan Sixers. If you want to blame anybody for this war blame the Deep State. [watch the next six minutes to find out what else you are not being told about what the real issues are!]

Why am I writing you about all this? It ought to be obvious. This struggle against the encroaching leviathan of an unauthorized and based in fraud de facto government’s criminal aggression against the sovereign people of America was the whole point in amassing information about challenging frivolous traffic tickets which evidence an unnecessary nuisance to our pursuit of happiness. When it became apparent that the courts were not going to be honorable but were going to play a sick game of presuming everyone to be a decedent (based on the birth certificate scam, itself a criminal act) that they could “legally” but not lawfully enforce, then all bets were off in attempting to handle this through the courts once the legal system showed its true colors (i.e., its support for a corruption of the law). That circumstance – “to be in a state of hostility or contention” – which exists between the wishes of the people and the de facto government is the very definition of war.

But also, and equally important, I’m writing in order to wake up those among us who are still in slumber, anesthetized by an assuaging media acting in concert with bought-and-paid-for lackeys (civil servants disguised as government officials) employed by quasi-government entities (Government Service Corporations erected by and serving the corporate world, which is the very definition of fascism) to put their boot on your neck in order to gain your submission to their unelected and illegitimate political campaign to force an agenda that you do not want down your throats. The fact that they are doing this shamelessly and in-your-face in the open light of day for all with eyes to see ought to rile even the most docile among you into outrage. And if it doesn’t, then you deserve the tyranny that you are being served. 

Most of all, we need to all be on the same page, united, awake and paying attention to what is happening. And whenever possible to take advantage of any opportunity that arises to put pressure on those who would lord it over us. This is not a drill, folks. This is not a rehearsal. This agenda for total control over the lives of the people that the so-called Elite are pushing on the world using fraud and force is the line in the sand of common human decency whose breach deserves not to be tolerated.

There are more of us than there are of them, and it has become clear to me, at least, that no one is going to step up and stop them other than we the people. Not the military generals, most of whom are already compromised with bribes or brainwashing or both, and not the military in general. But we need to wake more people up. We need more people who are awake to this atrocity, and who are willing to stay engaged – to keep informed with what is going on – with this struggle if we are to ever defeat this agenda of total domination of the world’s population.

The Elite opposition is well organized with deep pockets to buy off any who oppose them. We the people need to be equally well organized. And we need to keep the pressure on the criminals by helping more people to see what’s going on and doing what we can to oppose the agenda they want to put in place. As an example of what might be accomplished through both individual and concerted action, watch the ten minute portion of the Stew Peters show between the 36 minute mark and the 46 minute mark, about what we can do to make a difference in opposing unconstitutional mandates of any kind. (By the way, this same weapon can be used on government officials who breach our rights in court on traffic ticket issues.) I have transcribed a brief portion of the interview to stir up your interest in watching this short segment.

Bonds For The Win – Mikkie [pronounced Mickey] Klann. Go after insurance bonds to defeat tyrants

@ 39:00  [Mikkie] So Violet went down and got the superintendent’s bond. Now a lot of times these bonds are deeply embedded within a liability policy. So she was able to receive the policy. This superintendent was covered for1.6 million dollars in personal liability per claim. So Violet went ahead and served her with a “letter of intent to file a claim” against her surety bond if the woman didn’t drop the mask mandate throughout the whole district. She asked her to admit she was wrong in abusing her son. And she asked her to resign. The woman did nothing. So on day six Violet went down and filed a claim against her surety bond. The very next day, we have their lawyers on record, on film, saying, their lawyers giving counsel to their board saying “You guys are in big trouble. We have to drop all the mask mandates We’ve got to block all state and federal funding.”

@ 40:00 - 46:20  They left the superintendent out to dry with this 4.6 million in liability, and they had to start calling in parents to be assistant teachers because they couldn’t afford to pay their teachers. [watch the rest of the interview to find out what happened!]

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the phrase “Freedom is not free.” Well, right now we all are being tested to see if we will step up and fight this tyranny to beat it down, or whether we will back down again and kiss the boots of our oppressors in exchange for less drama but total bondage. Life just got real, folks. And, whether you see it or not, it is coming to a neighborhood near you real soon. This is the same choice that the colonists had in 1776. The choice belongs to each of us individually. And now is the time to choose which side you are on.

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Eliot
Common Law Remedy


Lady Lawyer Educates Policy Enforcer on Law

Date: August 20, 2022

Hello Friends,

This newsletter edition is coming to you today in order to announce and introduce to subscribers a new and important article that has been placed in the Article Archive of As anyone who has taken the time to read the articles on the website should know, I’m not in the habit of writing about issues that don’t really matter or that won’t help us to understand what we are facing when attempting to get justice out of an unjust legal system. Usually when I upload a new article, it has some appropriate bearing on the subject matter that we discuss. And today’s announced new article is no different. In fact, it may be one of the most important articles I’ve had the opportunity to post. Because it shines a light on a few principals of law from an actual attorney while offering some insight into statutory law.

Perhaps like what some of you have been doing, I have been monitoring alternative news sources in order to get at what is happening behind the scenes in our screwed up world.  Wars (or internal policing incursions) and rumors of wars; plandemics being used to shut down economies to blatantly put good small business people out of business; experimental drugs being misnamed as “vaccines” which are neither safe nor effective being unlawfully mandated on the public; over one hundred food processing plants mysteriously being being either set ablaze or having some other disruptive activity happening to them taking them offline; more and more people being murdered in cold blood, one way or the other, by law enforcement showing up on the nightly news; people being told that if their opinion goes against the official government “narrative” (or spin) spewed out by a corrupt media and government that there is no “free speech,” and that they will be publicly shamed and censored. And the list goes on and on and on.

With all these negative events bombarding us through the media day and night nonstop, stirring up fear and anxiety in people, there was one posting on an alternative news website that I monitor which seemed to be spreading some good news!  And it was on a subject that we discuss here on the Common Law Remedy site. It was a brief video involving a Lady Lawyer who received a phone call from what apparently was a British constable (or what they call police in Britain) regarding a male suspect who was allegedly “driving” uninsured. The exchange itself between the Lady Lawyer and the law enforcement officer took all of about eleven minutes, during which the Lady Lawyer attempted to educate the officer on the law surrounding what he had been programmed to do in the situation that confronted him with his suspect.

What is noteworthy about releases of information like this is the likelihood that its relevant issues will end up becoming lost or ignored by an uneducated public who receives the information without analyzing important details within the full context of the disclosure. In other words, that it will be blindly accepted on what appears to be its surface meaning, and then that misplaced impression will be spread to others as misinformation. Yet it is critical when considering legal issues that in reading or viewing pieces like this that we take the time to look at all the moving parts of what is being stated while not ignoring anything.

In the article I endeavor to slow the listener of this piece down from the emotional high they may be experiencing on coming across an attorney who seems to actually be on her client’s side in defending his rights at law. The best way to approach this video and article combination is to watch the video first by itself, and to let the impressions you are receiving from it to sink in. Did you know about the points of law that the Lady Lawyer is citing before you watched the video? Do you think those points alone would be a good defense or justification of one’s actions in court? Or maybe you don’t know, because you’ve never been to court on something like this. At any rate, take a few moments after watching to honestly answer these questions in your mind, to give them some meaningful thought, before you read the article.

The article speaks for itself and may well present some of you with some surprises. It all depends upon your experience and level of understanding of legal issues beforehand. If nothing else it may provide you with a reason to pause whenever you come across anything in your own researches that provides you with an immediate emotional high before you’ve had a chance to step back and critically look at what the information is conveying. 

The video of this exchange can be found here:
Female lawyer explains to a policeman that he is actually breaking the law!

The article “Lady Lawyer Educates Policy Enforcer On Law” is located at the following link:

My suggestions above are mostly directed toward those who are new to this study of law as it relates to a relatively benign violation of the traffic code. Those of us with a little more experience and hard learning under our belts with regard to relevant issues will likely be able to pick up more quickly on the points I make in the article. What I find fascinating is how quickly word can be spread regarding a false impression of what occurred in something like this. People with a relatively limited idea of the facts in such a matter can feel empowered by the energy of an emotional surface reaction to the matter, and run with it as though it had relevance in the real world. And this is one of the ways that mis- and disinformation gets spread among the populace. All the better reason to never accept anything at face value. Without critical thinking, we risk doing more harm than good when we don't take into consideration all the facts and thereby arrive at a false impression which we share with others. 

If you have a question or a comment, pro or con, I encourage your feedback.

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Eliot
Common Law Remedy


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The laws sometimes sleep, but never die.