How to Apply Concepts You Learned in Common Law Remedy to Rebut the Presumption of Your Identity

If you are reading this page, you must have realized the importance of taking control over your own identification and not allowing the State to assassinate your character through identity theft and assumption of political preference.

In this report, Your Declaration of Truth Notice And Affidavit Of Identity, you will learn about how to craft an affidavit that will not be rebutted. Yet, you should also be aware that there are other benefits to being in control over your own identity when it comes to confrontations with the state and federal governments.

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In addition to finding freedom from the ever increasing nanny state meddling in your personal business, there are benefits – like the avoidance of tax obligations – that you never dreamed existed, but which knowledge has been systematically kept from you by what amounts to outright intimidation and criminal fraud.

Understanding the historical context of the legal precedents which have been set in place that have fashioned the current milieu as between a private de facto (of the fact or a matter of fact) government and its citizens can be of significant importance as it helps one to understand how the system of government we presently have got to where it is today. You still have access to the de jure (according to law) government found in the original organic founding documents of this country; that is, if you know how to access and insist upon that lawful jurisdiction. 

Once you begin to understand how to hold this de facto government accountable for its actions, a miraculous thing begins to occur.  You begin living in a republic where those people who are vigilant of their freedoms hold control over their government servants rather than vice versa.  This in turn creates an experience of peace of mind with regard to your relationship with government.  Peace of mind mixed with eternal vigilance. If you are not willing to stand up for your rights and hold your public servants accountable through vigilance, then this material is not for you.

In our report, Your Declaration of Truth Notice And Affidavit Of Identity, you will learn about:

The crowning hightlight of the book consists of an example of an actual declaration of truth notice and affidavit of identity on which you can use to model your own document, or copy and take as your own. This particular example has been meticulously researched and fine tuned with regard to making it virtually impossible for your opponent to rebut.

It is meant to help you begin thinking critically about your own life situation and circumstance as it relates to your stance over against government. Each of the two sections of the affidavit is examined in detail with regard to the ideas it presents and why these ideas are being emphasized. Once you begin to understand what you can do within the limits of the affidavit form, you can build upon what you have learned to craft your own personalized document, or just use the example shown as a made-to-order template for your own affidavit.

Get your copy of Your Declaration Of Truth Notice And Affidavit Of Identity: What You Need To Be Aware Of

You should know that the act of providing sworn testimony of your identity is a powerful act in today’s world.  Not only will it stop injustice from occurring, it will empower you to regain control of your own legal destiny with regard to your private interests and concerns. Government officials will begin to treat you differently, as they will view you in a different light.

This report will provide you with the critical information you need to know to make a reasonable determination about how to compose and structure your declaration of truth and affidavit of identity. In addition, it will provide you with topical suggestions regarding certain powerful and conclusive ideas you may want to incorporate into your document to make it beyond reproach.

The Introduction section in the report brings into focus certain specific historical precedents in the way that governments have evolved over time in order to assert their authority over people. This helps to put into context the legal precedents that modern government uses in order to maintain its authority over those who are unaware of these legal precedents. Of course, the legal precedents we’re talking about revolve around a person’s identity and who gets to define it.  Once you break the link they use enabling them to essentially hold your “person” hostage to their scheme, you defeat the mechanism used to deprive you of certain of your liberties.

This Declaration Notice and Affidavit can be used in a variety of circumstances wherein one finds himself confronting the corporate state – be it a state or federal government agency.  Any time that government attempts to presume your identity so that it can assume control over your private business or financial affairs, you can quash that action by rebutting its presumption.

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