How to Apply the Concepts You Learned in Common Law Remedy Regarding the “Refused For Cause” Process

If you are reading this page, you must have had some trouble answering how you would handle each of the five scenarios presented in the Common Law Remedy ebook. Don’t be too discouraged, though, as the information in that book can be somewhat difficult to grasp the first time through without having had any actual experience attempting this in a courtroom situation.

In this report, How To Handle The Five Scenarios, you will learn more about the tools of the legal trade and how to use them for your own benefit. But perhaps the most important change you have to make: you have to change your mindset (your point-of-view) in order to begin seeing how the current system is set up to defraud you of your autonomous position. By autonomous, we mean “independent without control by others” and “a person who is self governing” (which in this case means over himself), and the inner stability and integrity to hold it.

Most people are not used to taking the point-of-view of being an autonomous sovereign body in legal matters. They are used to being in the mindset (though social  behavioral mental conditioning) of being at the mercy of an autocratic government’s legal system. Therefore, it comes as a surprise (and a bit of an unbelievable shock) to them that they can actually have some say in whether or not a legal action is allowed to go forward. The trade off in this means that you have to begin taking responsibility for your actions and for what you know as opposed to what you don't know about actual law and how it is supposed to operate. You just have to know how to tell the difference between private law (masquerading as public law) which is unconstitutional and public law (passed into positive law) which is constitutional.

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Here are just a few of the things you will learn about in this report:

You will learn how to legally avoid having to go to court as well as how to successfully handle a variety of situations in which your ignorance of law and how it works may compromise your position.  If you are unaware of the tactics that the system uses on the unwary, you could end up inadvertently consenting to being persecuted in traffic court.

Do you know the little publicized or understood fact of law that allows you to disqualify a traffic judge’s decision in a matter, even after you have been found guilty and penalized?  This knowledge alone can “save your bacon” in more ways than you can imagine!  Subject matter jurisdiction can be challenged at any time!

Each of the five scenarios proposed in Common Law Remedy is based upon actual possibilities that a person might have to face.  And how you effectively respond to those possibilities is also based on actual actions that have been successfully taken to remedy each situation.  If you understand the material that you’ve read, you will understand how to effect the remedy for any given situation and make it stick! The only way you can fail is to not understand what you are doing or the situation that confronts you.

Scenario Five will test the depth of your theoretical understanding of the information you learned in Common Law Remedy. If you know how to successfully handle that scenario, you should be able to handle just about anything the system attempts to throw at you. For instance, are you aware of the one action you can take that will get the judge’s attention, forcing him to dismiss the case? 

If you are not completely certain about how you would answer the above questions or how you would handle each of the hypothetical scenarios presented in Common Law Remedy, then you should seriously consider obtaining How To Handle The Five Scenarios. In this ebook, we go into the nuts and bolts of what you need to be aware of in order to defeat your opponent.

Things like:  

What you need to know first before considering hiring an attorney.  Don’t shoot yourself in the foot before you even get started! 

How to disqualify a traffic citation without having reserved your rights on the citation. 

How to avoid having to appear in court by disqualifying the citation. The ciation, in most cases, is only a complaint. It is not a claim of injury or damage!

How to avoid becoming obligated for a fine or order of a court that a “judge” issues if you should mistakenly find yourself being forced to submit yourself before that court.  

You will learn about a more in-depth explanation behind the lawful significance of signing a traffic citation with a reservation of rights and what that means. 

Are you aware of the significance between an administrative court and a judicial court? And how you can take advantage of that difference?

Do you know what the traffic court’s Achilles Heal is, and how you can take advantage of that weakness? Knowing how to properly rebut this presumption will prevent the court from moving any legal action forward. 

Are you aware of what the legal disposition of a traffic citation is? Without this knowledge, you could be stepping into an ambush with yourself as the victim! 

Know what you can proactively do ahead of time to insure that your identity is not stolen from you. If you take these actions, you can assure yourself of unrebuttable proof of your status change and identity. 

Get your copy of  How To Handle The Five Scenarios: An Explanation Of The Concepts Behind The “Refused For Cause” Process

Even if you are not currently involved in a traffic violation issue at present, this information will help prepare you for the time when you are.  After all, it is not a question of if it will happen; it’s only a matter of when it happens. Sooner or later the traffic patrol will pull you over and ask for your license and registration, and you should be prepared before that moment occurs to handle the situation in a calm and intelligent manner that will take the attending officer by surprise.

Our mission here is to provide readers with an opportunity to educate themselves with valuable, actionable, and verifiably truthful information and research materials that you can rely upon to help you understand the legal situation you are in.  It’s not that difficult to grasp once you understand a few simple concepts and are able to verify their application in the real world.

You can find this information freely distributed on the Internet for yourself, if you have the time and the inclination to search for it. You’ll be able to find everything we mention here.  But you should well know that the trade off for doing so is an expenditure of effort and time that you may not possess.  The man-hours alone you will spend just trying to track down the validity of an idea in law through its permutations and exceptions can be mind-bendingly long and frustrating.  

It took us a good year and a half to sift through all the hairbrained schemes and misleading information out there being promoted on any number of websites.  If you have the time to do it, that is the best way you can personally verify the truth of our findings here.  And we suggest that you do your own due diligence research and reasoning on top of the information we provide.

The advantage you will have by obtaining our study materials is that you won’t have to go out and sort through all the disinformation and misinformation that exists on the World Wide Web and figure out who’s telling you the whole truth and whose only telling you half the truth.  We’ve already done that research, filtering, and real world testing of the material for you, and we have given you our sources of information so that you can make up your own mind. Additionally, we’ve written this material in easy-to-understand plain English while explaining any legal terminology you need to comprehend in order to grasp important concepts explained in the material.

You should know that in law when the rubber meets the road, it is what you yourself know and can verify from personal research and validation that counts. Not what anyone tells you is true, no matter whether it is or is not true. When you know what’s true from personal experience (like we do), you become your own expert. Then no one can bamboozle you ever again!

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