Law Resource Link to PDFs and More

Here are some further reference resources (many in PDF format) which you can download and read at your leisure to help corroborate and expand on the information given in our report Common Law Remedy.  These pieces will be well worth your time to read and to understand, especially the documents on “Consent” and “Presumption” in relation to traffic issues, even if you don’t read any of the others.  You must understand these two concepts thoroughly if you want to have the shadow of a chance of prevailing and not compromising your position.

A Law Dictionary by John Bouvier (1856)

John Bouvier's Law Dictionary and Concise Encyclopedia, 1914 ed., Third Revision by Francis Rawle

Black’s Law Dictionary, Fourth Edition by Henry Campbell Black (1968)

Maxims of Law (from the Freedom School website)

The Maxims PDF (English from Bouvier
s Law Dictionary)

The Maxims of Law
(English with Latin derivation from Bouvier’s)

Maxims of Law (Christian perspective from website)

Team Law Online Resources

Requirement for Consent

Presumption: Chief Weapon for Unlawfully Enlarging Federal Jurisdiction 

USA the Republic Is The House That No One Lives In the Republic.pdf

Government Instituted Servitude Using Franchises

Requirement for Equal Protection and Equal Treatment

Why Statutory Civil Law is Law for Government and Not Private Persons

Political Jurisdiction

Why you are a “national,” “state national,” and Constitutional but not Statutory Citizen

Remedy.  The means by which a right is enforced or the violation of a right is prevented, redressed, or compensated. — Black's Law Dictionary, Fourth Edition.

Government Conspiracy to Destroy the Separation of Powers

Why Statutory Civil Law is Law for Government and Not Private Persons

De Facto Government Scam

The Little Word “Due” [as in “due process of law”]

For those who want to dig a little deeper into the law and its relationship with courts, the following links from Bill Thornton's website are offered for your perusal and education. If you don’t know where you are (whose court you are in), how are you ever going to obtain remedy to an unjust situation?

Work in Progress

Taking Over Your Case

No State Sovereignty

Court - What is it?

Courts of record vs. courts of no record

Superior vs. Inferior courts

Nisi Prius courts, a definition

Honor and Dishonor, legal precedence for the “refused for cause” process

The “failure to state a claim” dismissal upon which the “refused for cause” process is based

How the common law in America is linked with the English Magna Carta

Republic vs. a democracy, what is the significant difference?

People or citizen? Which one are You?

People’s rights vs. Citizen’s rights