For Your Consideration: The New Face of War! Part One

Date: March 1, 2021

Hello Friends,

Again, today, I am deviating from writing directly about the traffic ticket issue and focusing on some of the larger questions and issues posed in the last newsletter which attempted to warn people about the efficacy of vaccines and vaccinations. 

Just as the title of this newsletter suggests, we in America are being faced with the prospect of having to come to terms with an In-Your-Face effort by forces, over which we have seemingly little control, who are prosecuting a worldwide agenda against not only American nationals and our country itself but, more broadly, the people of the world. This is the new face of War, a war not between two countries, but a war being waged by multinational corporations against the world’s nations and their citizenry. Many people, here and around the world, are aware of this global push to limit basic human rights, and to subject the worlds oppressed populations to a corporatists agenda which blatantly rejects the peoples opinion about how life should be lived on planet Earth, and forces upon humanity what they call a “new normal.”

These forces want to tear down all national borders, while at the same time erecting what can only be called a socialist agenda in each nation on Earth. Nations will be governed by a centralized global body of committees under the aegis of the United Nations. These forces have the manpower, the skill, the technology, and the financial wherewithal to pull this off. Except they made one big and nasty miscalculation! They are attempting to pull this off in the only so-called free nation in the world, the united States of America. And they have vastly underestimated the will of the American people to remain free and independent as the nation was originally founded.

Folks, this is the new face of war! It’s not a conventional war (although it may contain aspects of one), and it enlists the assistance of domestic government employees in order to carry out its nefarious deeds. Government employees who have been constantly brainwashed into to believing that the government can do no wrong, and is within its legal authority to impose a new agenda upon the rest of the population without that citizenry’s right to dissent and reject that agenda in a fair and impartial referendum vote on the nature of any changes to the basic structure and essence of government in America.

This is the point where we learn who, among government employees, keeps his or her oath of office to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same. . .” Now, there’s a legal loophole in this oath that government employees take. Can you see it? Better yet, are you aware of the history of the various constitutions that have existed throughout the history of the United States? There have been three constitutions. Two of them stating to be the “Constitution of the United States of America,” and the third, the original one of 1787-1789, stated to be the “Constitution for the United States of America.”

The first volleys of shots have already been fired across the bow of the American people in the form of a completely bogus viral pandemic meant, using draconian means, to take down the economy one small business at a time. And from there to set in its (legitimate government’s) place a multinational corporatocracy (think Amazon dot com, Target Stores, Exxonmobile, Apple Inc., MicroSoft Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Company etcetera) built to finally take over the economic and political systems of a country’s national government in order that the people are to be openly ruled by these multinational corporations and their corporate interests through cowardly sock puppets posing as office holder members and heads of state.

It doesn’t take a clairvoyant to be able to see the trend of things in the past hundred years of American history regarding the centralization of political power and economic clout in an all powerful federal government, a process that I’ve been monitoring for many decades since it was first brought to my attention in 1975. I began the project in order to help myself as well as other motivated people learn enough about the law to be able to fight back and prevail against this imposed oppression one person at a time, naively thinking that there might be a way to avoid having to bow to the Powers That Be by arming oneself with knowledge of the law and thereby escaping political persecution by public authority figures.

However, that delusion was quickly shattered by the fourteen month “Ordeal” I underwent in 2018 and the first two an a half months of 2019 when I had to finally capitulate and cut my losses on the third of three traffic tickets for driving without a license. (Interested new subscribers can read about a portion of my ordeal in the newsletter beginning with the newsletter titled “Resurrection: The Reason For My Silence” on page five of the Newsletter Archive.) By shattered I mean that before that experience I would not have accepted that the legal system in America was in total disrepair and virtually beyond mending. That a court would or could ignore actual law over color of law. But it happened. And it continues to happen every day in courtrooms around America.

That experience didn’t cower me. It only made me more determined to seek lawful recourse to hold my persecutors accountable for their criminal acts. I knew I was in the right and they were in the wrong, no matter how much sophistry they used to justify their acts of piracy. They dragged me (or rather my “person”) out into the sea (admiralty law, Law of the Sea) in order to do their dirty work. Now it was my turn to find a way to drag them back onto dry land (the Law of the Land) to make them accountable for the injustice they wrought.

There’s a saying in legal matters that “you only lose when you give up.” Or put another way “the one who leaves the field of battle first loses.” I may have lost a few battles, but I was always on the battlefield and not about to lose the war. And that’s the kind of warrior mentality that we, now in today’s world, have to have if we are not willing to settle for a safe life wearing the chains of servitude around our shoulders.

So, in that spirit there are a few things we can do in order to peacefully (and lawfully) resist being forced (mandated) to do something we would rather not do. But before I get into that, there are a few things first that people need to know before they consider rushing head long into consenting to the vaccine for the coronavirus. It is at this point that those who do not wish to swallow the red pill need to vacate this article. Just put it down and go do something else. Everything is sweetness and light in your safe little world, and you do not need to see the ugliness that the rest of us are confronting in the real world. Because we’re going to find out how to get hold of hydroxychloroquine, which is quite safe and effective, despite what your doctor might say to dissuade you or your pharmacist might try to deny you. Peace of mind comes with true knowledge.

If you have been on the fence about the vaccines being touted as the next best thing to sliced bread for your healthy protection from Covid-19 should you have the misfortune of catching it, just sit back comfortably in your favorite padded easy chair and prepare to have your world rocked! If after seeing what follows you can still stomach taking what in reality is an unproven experimental investigational agent vaccine because your government and it’s lapdog Media says it’s “safe and effective,” then you should not have read this far, because you clearly have swallowed the blue pill.

I do this because I think, contrary to Jack Nicholson’s character in A Few Good Men, that you can handle the truth! And that you deserve to know it before you make a mistake that you could regret for the rest of what may almost certainly be a shortened life. Last chance to abandon ship and go do something else. Because from this point on, you are  going find it difficult not to believe the treachery that your government (the corporatocracy) has been planning for you!

Because some of you simply do not have the time to sit down and research the validity of  every legitimate fact that the government is attempting to feed you, I have done the hard work of discerning and culling the wheat from the chaff for you. The rest is up to you to discern and confirm from your own observation the validity of these views and to take advantage of what the alternative media has learned and is blowing the whistle about.

This first information resource may, in the beginning, come off as being wholly sensational and a bit off the wall, yet if you watch it (or at least the first twenty or so minutes of it) it will set up the next video which better explains the science behind what the Moderna vaccine has been programmed to do. Like you, I dislike spending time watching videos in order to find one or two or more nuggets of golden information which I then have to validate in some way. I have therefore endeavored to pull some relevant excerpts from these videos so that you will have a reason (the incentive) to watch as much or as little of it for yourself. First up is, as I mentioned above, the most sensational of these videos.

This Is the Video to Watch: Infecting W/COVID Swab, the RNA Vaccine, Artificial Intelligence   Saturday, February 6, 2021  Time: 1:54:48

Within the first two minutes of this expose, mention is made of two very shocking revelations about what Big Pharma has planned and already has done for those who have consented to be tested and who plan on taking the Moderna vaccine. The following brief excerpt is all I’m going to provide you with to wet your whistle to see and hear more.

We have been lied to. The Covid 19 vaccine is not a vaccine at all. It is a cellular Genetic Modification technology [this is disclosed on the Moderna website], admittedly designed to give those ignorant enough to take it a self-creating auto-immune disease similar to what used to be called HIV. The covids deep nasal test swabs are not tests at all. They too are a multi-purpose nano-biological warfare and transhuman technology that we will cover in great depth in this film.

This next information resource, provided by a doctor who knows how to read scientific reports and who knows which of these medical articles to look at to find the truth, will explain some of the real science behind what the previous video calls the "self-creating auto-immune disease" effect of the mRNA (or messengar RNA) Moderna vaccine. Dr. Tenpenny has been blowing the whistle on Big Pharma for quite a few years now, and is well qualified to share her contrarian view about the sinister content of some of Big Pharma’s most touted medicines. If you have the time do watch the whole video because you will be amply rewarded with fascinating additional information and knowledge you won’t have gotten anywhere else. If you don’t have the time to watch the whole video, for your own sake if not those you love, watch at least the first twenty to thirty minutes. 

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Explains How the Depopulation COVID Vaccines Will Start Working In 3-6 Months! - Must Video  Thursday, February 11, 2021 
Time: 1:03:06  Reinette Senum interview of Sherri Tenpenny

A brief excerpt from the beginning five or more minutes:

Why you must refuse because these vaccines are deadly. ... It’s going to take between four months to fourteen months before we start seeing the full ravage of what’s going to happen to people who are vaccinated with this vaccine.

At the 20:30 mark, Sherri explains: “It’s the re-exposure [to coronavirus] that leads to the antibody dependent enhancement and all this accelerated autoimmune disease.”

And later on, at the 22:30 minute mark, for those who would like to read more about the science that Big Pharma doesn’t want you thinking about.

Sherri’s website is Click at the top where it says Dr. Tenpenny’s Blog. She’s written a six part series on the coronavirus.

But then the pharmaceutical companies have been given what amounts to a “get out of jail free card” by, you guessed it, the United States Congress, the organization that claims to be your government. The pharma companies cannot be held liable for damages on any of these admittedly experimental drugs. If a relative happens to die from one of the vaccines, you have no civil recourse to come after the perpetrator and responsible party of this misinformation campaign.

For another qualified perspective in the following video, please do listen all the way through to what Dr. Gold has to say in explaining several relevant and disturbing points about the vaccines. This woman is on a mission to educate as many people as possible! Do not take what she has to say lightly. She, in addition to her medical license, has a juris doctorate. She has researched the law on this!

Dr. Simone Gold – The Truth About Covid-19 and The Covid-19 Vaccine.
Time: 51:02 

In the video Dr. Gold mentions how to obtain the HCQ drug. Go to if you would like to stock your medicine cabinet with hydroxychloroquine and obtain peace of mind. Their website organization has partnered with a telemedicine company to be able to, on the spot, get you a prescription for this drug for personal use. A small tip I learned from one of my other subscribers: if the pharmacist ever refuses to fill a prescription on the basis that it is being used to treat the cornonavirus, just have the doctor make out the prescription for the treatment of arthritis, and the pharmacist will have no recourse to refuse you. (Notice that, for a long time, they made it illegal for pharmacists to fill a prescription for HCQ if it was prescribed as treatment for the cornavirus! Just more evidence that the corporations and their enforcement arm, the government, do not have your best interests in mind.)

In this next interview of Dr. Gold, Michelle Malkin learns how to legally refuse to take the vaccine if someone attempts to mandate it for your consumption.

Frontline Doctor Simone Gold: FBI ‘Broke Down My Door’ In Swat Team Raid Of 20 Men. Must See Simone Gold Interview With Michelle Malkin On Stop Medical Discrimination!   Wednesday, February 24, 2021
Time: 50:43

The whole interview is fascinating and well worth watching. But if you are in a rush for time, you can skip down to the 15:15 mark to catch the following from Dr. Gold.

It is written clearly that this is an experimental agent. It is written in the law. The FDA application. They [the vaccines] are currently called investigational status only. And investigational is defined as experimental. So legally they are in experimental status. That has legal implications downstream in terms of ability to sue and compensation and all of that. In addition, it’s very clear by long history of Nueremberg Code, Helsinki Declaration and by Federal Code of Regulations, that you can never pressure or coerce or duress, those are the words in the statute, anybody to take an experimental agent. We’ve known this since the Nazi era. I can’t believe, truly, that were having any kind of conversation about any kind of mandate forexperimental anything. Because it’s clearly against the law. It’s against humanity. And this is well established all across the world for decades. ... This is an experimental investigational agent!

Then again at the 33:20 mark Dr. Gold reemphasizes the importance of stressing the experimental aspect of the vaccines should someone attempt to mandate that you take it.

I’ve had so many people who don’t even know it’s in investigational status. So how is that informed consent? They don’t write it anywhere. I had to search it. I had to find the paperwork to show that it’s an investigational status. So that’s the beginning and end of discussion. This is not informed consent. You don’t even know it’s investigational. And very important, investigational meds can NEVER be coerced! By federal law

What strikes me about her seeming incredulity (and frankly, what might be her naïveté about this issue) at presuming that any public official or corporate private concern (like an airline) will immediately back down if someone mentions the legal liability of being forced to take something that has an experimental status and is patently against to law to do, is that even so, my life’s experience tells me that government (and the corporations, for that matter) is not above using coercion anyway. They do it every day in the courts. So until this advice is tested and proves to be true, its use in the real world may remain somewhat ambiguous and therefore inconsistent. Still in all, it is good to know and to be able to use if necessary in order stand your ground against an obvious injustice when someone is attempting to mandate that you risk your life on an unproven treatment.

Also in this interview Dr. Gold speaks about being able to obtain hydroxychloroquine (at the 26:20 mark) for those who might like to stock the drug at home.

Also the number one questions we were asked is: How do I get my hands on hydroxychloroquine? Because it can save my life. So right thinking people know this. So we [at] made that possible. We partnered with a telemedicine company. And you can go to our site and you can consult with them, the third party service, and you can obtain hydroxychloroquine. ... It can be very difficult to get from your own doctor.

If you need an additional opinion from another impartial source about the efficacy of HCQ and where you are able to obtain it, you can read about a second doctor’s association, The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, that also will help people obtain HCQ. I found this story on the World Net Daily website, listing an additional source for medicinal remedy:

Dr. Jane Orient of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons has made the great point that FDA has no legal authority to regulate the practice of medicine. Nevertheless, by its actions on HCQ, for example, it ends up doing exactly that.

Besides the information provided previously here, there are some very useful websites. Two of the best ones are the websites of America’s Frontline Doctors and the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. Both have details on protocols that have achieved respect by medical professionals.

Another very useful site is There are two main sections: one for early treatment and one for prevention. Each provides links to specific websites providing detailed information.

Yet another useful site that is updated frequently is It provides many videos covering both treatment and news. Of special value are videos featuring some successful frontline doctors using early home/outpatient COVID treatment. You must learn to use the feature at the bottom of the home page to progress to other pages.

If someone asks you about what medical authority (that is, beyond the fact that it is stated in federal law) you are using to assert your right not to be forced to take something against your will, you can use the following as a legal explanation. Starting at the 36:10 mark Dr. Gold talks about wanting to teach people how to recognize propaganda and what proof one needs in order to be able to accept the information as valid. It strikes me that this may also be used to make assertions protecting one’s legal rights. That is, based on the recommendation of a trusted information source, a “trusted person,” you have come to the conclusion that you should not take the vaccine.

Because I want to teach people how to recognize propaganda in real time.  [I Do Not Consent book]  There’s ultimately only two sources of reliable information. There’s the actual science itself where you have to actually go down and be a scientist, read it, learn it, know it. Or in any subject. Or you really know a trusted person who tells you something. That’s it. Those are the only two reliable sources of information. And then there is: What did the data and the scientific journals say prior to the controversy. Prior to twenty twenty. What was the evidence prior to the controversy.

If you think you may not be faced with having to stand up for your rights up against the corporations who will make proof of having passed a coronavirus test or having been vaccinated a mandate to do business with them, think again and read the story in the link below. The private corporations can do this because it becomes a contractual obligation if you wish to interact with them. Something similar to the adhesion contract that governments use — “adhesion” here referring to a take it or leave it basis, as with the driver license issue.

A New World Altogether” - Global Airlines Set To Go Live In March With COVID ‘Passports’

Imagine a world where the ability to travel on a commercial airliner depends on passing a COVID-19 test or taking a vaccine. If a traveler tests positive or did not receive or refused to take the vaccine, they would be locked out of air travel.

In the next installation of this two part series we will take up another video of what might be misinformation as part of a PsyOps operation. Or it may be authentic information about what has occurred in the American past and is currently happening behind the scenes. We will just have to wait and see which it is.

Yet aside from that uncertainty, for those readers who are not aware of the history of events leading up to the present day, the presenter in this the video provides about as concise a detailed history showing how government justifies its actions vis-à-vis the change in applicable law, of which I am aware and which aligns with my own research, of how the United States arrived at the precipice of where we are at today in terms of either being able to maintain the republic or of losing it.

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Eliot
Common Law Remedy


For Your Consideration: The New Face of War! Part Two

Date: 31, 2021

Hello Friends,

Once again, today, I am deviating from writing directly about the traffic ticket issue, although not from writing about the deeper issues included within that issue which touch upon an important understanding of the greater historical evidence responsible for the present growing oppressive legal climate in our country. Admittedly will I need to provide a more cogent discussion evidencing certain cloaked facts regarding the foundations of our country which help to validate an unrevealed view of that history to all but those who dug deeper into the historical evidence.

One of the main facts I’m hinting at, which will help to bring into focus the subsequent onerous changes to what is generally accepted as “law” in our country, is the fact that the Constitution for the united States (the original 1787 Constitution and ultimately the 1789 Constitution with the Bill of Rights attached, that is) is effectively a bankruptcy instrument addressing debt owed to certain sovereign entities who loaned the Continental Congress the financial wherewithal to sustain a revolution against the British King. This discussion, however, will need to wait for another day as the present morale of our country is so fragile that if we don’t realize certain realities and take the appropriate actions, some of us may not be here to help pick up the pieces of our splintered republic.

In case you haven’t been paying attention to current events — or the political rhetoric of our One Party political system which now has shown its true colors for all to see by forcing on an amazed and incredulous public the obviously false results of a questionable election — the equivalent of the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor for the contemporary generation has occurred and is ongoing. What am I referring to? The equally questionable and fallacious advent of the hyped up coronavirus so-called pandemic and its spread not only across America but the whole world, which has given local governments a dishonest excuse to shut down economic activity in every city and town across America in an effort to economically starve as many people as possible of their livelihoods. It is equally obvious that this unfortunate happenstance is not by mistake but rather by design.

People who have no clue or who are distracted by the strain of their own lives from paying closer attention to current events happening in our society turn indiscriminately to a superficial media for their news and end up being propagandized with half truths and blatant falsehoods. Anyone who has endured the past four years observing the obvious bias in the media and who hasn’t seen through it deserves to be deceived. In the midst of this artificially created chaos that we have all witnessed, sadly once again, is the unmistakable frankness of the observation that “In war, truth is always the first casualty.” In case you, dear reader, missed the implication here, yes, we (that is, all mankind on every continent and country on the earth) are engaged in a war that would strip our very humanity from us if we let it.

This is not a conventional war that we are all used to seeing, but rather a war for hearts and minds aimed squarely at the frailties of the human condition in order to bring about forced change in human behavior. The weapons used in this war play on our emotions and mental reasoning. The fomenting of fear, anxiety, and social division are at the forefront of the spearhead of attack. Yet the truth is out there. It’s just being covered over, changed and rearranged. But where do we look for it? How do we find it? How can we be sure we’re not being played again by a secondary information source claiming to be authentic and truthful?

Well, we can pretty much eliminate anything we see or read in the media because we’ve already got their number. Equally whatever the media is telling us to do, we must be assured by their disingenuousness that doing the opposite is likely better for us. First they say it’s okay not to wear a mask. Then they switch and tell us that masks are mandatory, and they recruit a willing corporate America to enforce the mandate. It’s the retail stores and restaurants telling you what to do, supporting the government. Yet when we look a little closer it is quite apparent that major corporate institutions (Jeff Bezos’ Amazon, Bill Gate’s Microsoft et al. etc.) in American are behind this pandemic, as well as institutions like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Yet digging a little deeper, we come across a growing number of very reputable voices in the scientific community, not only in America but all over the world, who dissent from the accepted view or narrative (propaganda!) of the day. And they have the evidence to back up and support their contrary opinions. In other words, the truth is there, and after some research to verify what we’re looking at, we just need to accept that truth.

Because it confirms the fact that the federal government is being used as a straw frontman heading the suppression of the economy with its mandated lock down pronouncements from on high which liberal governors haughtily oblige in their faux self-important arrogance using their concern for public health as an excuse for their unconstitutional actions against the rights of people. Governors like California’s Gavin Newsom, Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, and New York’s Andrew Cuomo all of whom have endeavored to drive their state’s economies into the ground! Without mincing words for those who resist and dismiss the idea of conspiracies, if this development in current events is not enough for you to see that the government is at war with its own citizens, then you must have your head in the sand and are not paying attention to the obvious.

Unless you are researching every fact that the mainstream media (MSM) are putting out and not accepting it at face value, you are not even in the game (i.e., the war that is ongoing)! Make no mistake, just as was revealed in your welcoming email to the newsletter, “Introduction: An Inconvenient Truth,” the occupying agents for a foreign principal in the United States government “is at war with you, its own citizens. That is it’s official policy. . . .You . . . are an enemy of the (corporate) state.” You may have thought that was hyperbole when you first read it. But now, today, the fact that the actors and agents who are office holders in government are at war with its own people falsely deemed to be “citizens” within its jurisdiction is being openly pushed into our faces.

I know that not everyone, for one reason or another, has the time to pay close daily attention to what is happening in current events. I even struggle to keep up with it, and I research it every day! So, when I come across some important and timely information that I have personally vetted for my own peace of mind, I will share it with the readers of this newsletter in order to provide a heads up warning or to add to your understanding of how we got to the place we are today.

Fixing the legal system in this country — if indeed we are even able to fix it — is not going to happen if we don’t first deal with the hostile occupation of our country by a foreign entity. But before we can do that, we have to know and understand just who that entity (enemy) is! I have literally been researching this since 1975 when I was first made aware of this fact by a book written by Gary Allen titled None Dare Call It Conspiracy. The book itself, I later learned, had gotten some of its facts wrong. But the main thrust of the information was readily provable through personal observation and a little extra digging into the history.

The full story, though, of the true history of the united States of America and how it was originally set up has been somewhat concealed and difficult to track and verify for me over the years. However I recently came across a video that has helped to put into place what may be many of the missing pieces of the puzzle (that is, if the facts disclosed in it can be trusted to be true). It is not a perfect retelling of the story from what I can tell. Some of the opinions of the presenter are not always accurate in their evaluation of the facts. But the main bulk of the information, the essential scaffolding, upholding the original intentions for colonizing the North American land mass and the realities of what occurred have been preserved and do stand the smell test.

Importantly, the presentation offers a kind of overview digest of the high point events that took place and correctly addresses the most important aspect of that early and ongoing history (ongoing because it yet affects us today), which was the original bankruptcy of the United States to its foreign creditors after the Revolutionary War. While it might be difficult for many to accept, the founding on the North American continent of thirteen separate countries described as a federation of states in the Articles of Confederation, was based upon a falsehood expressed to the people of that time. The truth was that the colony’s chief oppressor, King George III of England, was backing (financing) both sides of the war of  revolution, which basically meant that he couldn’t lose the war.

This fact can be easily confirmed in public writings regarding the Paris Peace Treaty of September 30, 1783 wherein the terms of the treaty are laid out. It is a document whose main thrust — after all the window dressing about territorial boundaries and access thereto by members of both countries as well as the declaration by His Majesty that “the said United States . . . to be free sovereign and independent states, that he treats with them as such, and for himself, his heirs, and successors, relinquishes all claims to the government, propriety, and territorial rights of the same” — is for the repayment of financial debts owed to those in a creditor position.

In that Treaty document King George III is revealingly referred to as “Prince George the Third, by the grace of God, king of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, duke of Brunswick and Lunebourg, arch-treasurer and prince elector of the Holy Roman Empire etc., and of the United States of America,...” And there it is, stated for all time immemorial, that the British King is a subservient agent for the Holy Roman Empire! For those of you who still find it difficult to accept this reality, how would you explain the fact that the Magna Carta of June 15th, 1215 forced upon King John who subsequently refused to accept and abide by it, which Charter was later invalidated by Pope Innocent III after it was recognized that neither side stood beside their commitments — neither King John nor the English land Barons who opposed the King’s policies, as dictated by the Vatican, on feudal payments, among other things, to the Crown? History tells us that the British monarchy was subordinate to the dictates of the Pope of Rome.

When you get to Article 4 of the Paris Peace Treaty, we find the following being stated: “It is agreed that creditors on either side shall meet with no lawful impediment to the recovery of the full value in sterling money of all bona fide debts heretofore contracted.” And then again in Article 5 the following was stated: “It is agreed that Congress shall earnestly recommend it to the legislatures of the respective states to provide for the restitution of all estates, rights, and properties, which have been confiscated belonging to real British subjects; and also of the estates, rights, and properties of persons resident in districts in the possession on his Majesty’s arms and who have not borne arms against the said United States.” Does this sound like the Americans won any war? The terms of the Treaty indicate that the British King still controlled all the relevant issues. Does that indicate the disposition of a beaten enemy? Most assuredly not!

And for anyone still doubting the control that His Majesty of Great Britain had over the terms of the “surrender,” the last paragraph in Article 5 nails the lid on the coffin based on the fact that if anyone won the war of revolution that that someone was England. “And it is agreed that all persons [including British subjects] who have any interest in confiscated lands, either by debts, marriage settlements, or otherwise, shall meet with no lawful impediment in the prosecution of their just rights.” Otherwise, why would a victor agree to such terms? Victors usually own the terms over the vanquished, right? This just points out the fact that the common American colonists were being hoodwinked from the start! Yet what is worse, they bought into it! Probably because not too many of them were literate and therefore did not understand the meaning and import of the terms if they were even aware of them to begin with.

The debt payment being due in 1788, by 1787 it became apparent to the members in Congress Assembled that the United States was not going to make good on repayment to the King of monies lent during the so-called revolution according to the terms of the Paris Treaty that was signed, and that the Articles of Confederation (AoC) were not going to be useful in solving the problem of the repayment of the debt because there was no way to force the states to contribute to settling the debt that others (i.e., within the government, presumably for the benefit of all) had incurred. Yet, as far as international law was concerned, the die had already been cast: the U.S. Congress through its representatives had agreed to the terms of the Paris Peace Treaty.

So, in keeping with the pre-planned spector of default, delegates from five states met at the Annapolis Convention (formally titled as a Meeting of Commissioners to Remedy Defects of the Federal Government) and invited all states to a larger convention to be held in Philadelphia in 1787. The Confederation Congress later endorsed this convention “for the sole and express purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation.” That was a blatant falsehood which the people bought. It was already well known among those who were literate that the AoC was an imperfect document to achieve the stated goal of debt repayment. The Convention took place from May 25 to September 17,1787 in the old Pennsylvania State House (which today is known as Independence Hall) in Philadelphia.

During the Confederation Period, the United States was essentially a federation of independent republics, with the Articles guaranteeing state sovereignty and independence. The Confederation was governed by the Congress of the Confederation, a unicameral legislature whose members were chosen by the state legislatures and in which each state cast a single vote. Congress was given a limited set of powers, mainly in the area of waging war and foreign affairs. It could not levy taxes or tariffs, and it could only request money from the states, with no power to force delinquent states to pay. Since the Articles could only be amended by a unanimous vote of the states, any state had effective veto power over any proposed change. A super majority (nine of thirteen state delegations) was required for Congress to pass major legislation such as declaring war, making treaties, or borrowing money. The Confederation had no executive or judicial branches, which meant the Confederation government lacked effective means to enforce its own laws and treaties against state non-compliance. It soon became evident to nearly all that the Confederation government, as originally organized, was inadequate for managing the various problems confronting the United States

Once the details of the make up and powers of the federal government were set in place by the convention and laid down in writing in the drafting of a constitution, the business of having that constitution make good on the promises of debt repayment made by the Continental Congress at the end of the rebellion against the English King were taken up. The constitution thereby became by default, in spirit if not in name, a bankruptcy instrument in international law. The new fledgling United States government would never be truly free and independent of Great Britain until the terms of the Treaty of Peace were adhered to and met.

This brings us to the present presentation provided by a former Army Special Ops member Robert Leroy Horton. Whether or not this presentation is part of a larger Psy-Ops operation remains to be seen. My purpose in bringing it to reader’s attention is for a quick and concise overview of some of the history leading up to our present circumstance in today’s world events much of which aligns with my own personal research. Understanding how we got to this circumstance in the first place is the first step to being able to deal with it.

The presentation is made in two parts. The first part deals with a retelling of the history leading up to today, while the second part is self-described as a “deep dive into the facts surrounding Part One,” in an attempt to explain the significance of two characters (David Wynn Miller and Russell Jay Gould) introduced in Part One who are said to have redeemed the country back to the people of America. Whether any of their story has any validity, I could not say. The fact that this is addressed “to us anons” doesn’t sit well with me as that whole Anon movement is, from what I can gather, part of a Psy-Ops operation designed to confuse and control the people who buy into it. 

Must Watch! Special Ops Revealed! They Will Hide This From You At All Cost! A Military Insider Interview  [Part One] Tuesday, February 9, 2021 21:28
Time:  1:05.28   War Castles Military Insider Robert Leroy Horton

[Pt 2] SPECIAL OPS REVEALED! Dirtiest Secrets Of The [DS] EXPOSED! A Military Insider Interview!
James Red Pills America  Published October 21, 2020  Time: 1:18:32  [Fast forward to the 2:00 minute mark for the beginning of the presentation]

By no means do I endorse that people believe any of the assertions made by Robert Horton regarding the narrative he outlines that the military is being used to put down the movement into a new world order (NWO). From what I can tell, these two videos are over four years old. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then and what do we have to show for it? This is as much a spiritual battle as it is a physical and psychological battle to overcome those who would control and oppress us.

Each person needs to take responsibility for his or her own actions and step up, with the correct education, to be able to succeed in resisting the psychological pressure to go along with the NWO indoctrination. That indoctrination can only succeed if people go along with it. The establishment likes to make people think there are only ever two choices during any crisis, and both choices involve giving up more freedom or giving government more power. What they don’t want you to consider is the third option – The people taking power for themselves and removing power from those that would abuse it. What they don’t want is for the people, those who are like-minded about personal liberty, to form their own organizational resistance not beholden to any single political figure or top down power structure.

When going up against the Establishment’s legal system, there is safety in numbers. And if you can join with an already organized group where you have the opportunity to learn as you progress, so much the better. One such group that I came across recently calls itself the National Action Task Force ( This is an offshoot of another group founded by a man named Mark Emery who founded the Lighthouse Law Club. I am familiar with Mr. Emery and his Lighthouse Law Club. I came across him a couple of years ago, and he is the real deal. Mark also heads up the National Action Task Force (N.A.T.F.), which is a private national membership organization that assists people in, among other things, standing up against criminal legal process.

I haven’t had a chance to fully look into this organization yet myself, but it appears to be well documented and well thought out. Mark knows the law and has first hand experience in fighting back and winning against government tyrannical treatment. Watch the following video for an informative interview of Mark Emery and one of the N.A.T.F. student members Paul Peterson. We may be able to benefit from their efforts and research.
TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK & HOLDING THE CRIMINALS ACCOUNTABLE!!  March 21, 2021  Time: 1:04:44  Mark Emery of Lighthouse Law Club.

When you check out their organization ( go to the Resource tab and find the following important links to help provide you with actionable ideas.

In that last link to educational videos there are eight important videos worth viewing. Watch THE STATE vs. a Patriot Princess to see an ongoing case in Minnesota about a business owner who has, with the assistance of N.A.T.F., filed a counterclaim against her oppressors, the governor of Minnesota among others, who wanted to shut her business down and who made unlawful threats to do so.

Another interesting video to watch on the educational videos page is: Resistance Boot Campvideo: Who’s in Control Here?  Here’s how you might handle yourself when someone wants to assume authority over you. Mark presents a series of statements and questions to ask your oppressor which puts that opponent on the defensive.

And for an overview of the organization itself on that same page and how people can participate, watch the following: National Action Task Force webinar: The vision & the road ahead.  The first 2 minutes shows public officials who have been held to account for their criminal actions.

Leading elite and Bilderberger founder the late David Rockefeller, when asked if he was concerned that the American patriots movement in the United States might upend the one world order that he and his ilk have been working toward for most of their professional life, replied, “No, I’m not concerned. Number one, they are not organized. And number two, they are not well funded. So no, I’m not concerned.”

And therein he pointed out the weaknesses of the freedom movement. This was something that alarmed me from the very beginning because I could see that there was disunity among the people and no organizational skill being applied against a well-organized and well funded opposition to that liberty. And while this does not bode well for the future of liberty minded people should it remain the same, it only underscores the need for us to come together, in whatever way we can, to begin an organized resistance and challenge to the Powers That Be who would usurp our God given freedoms.

As small as it may seem, even being able to fight the imposition of an unlawful victimless traffic ticket can begin to make its mark in the battle to maintain our freedom. The more people who know how to do this, the stronger the message we are sending to those who oppose us. And the more we educate those in the legal system to see that the organization they belong to is willing to limit their own rights and freedoms too in the same unethical and immoral way that is being imposed on the public at large. If we really want this, each of us need to be willing to step up and take it as a personal challenge and educate ourselves against the encroaching tyranny being planned to roll out. If not now, then when will we stand up and oppose this treatment? And if not us, then who is going to make this happen? It is time more people got some skin in the game.

On a more positive note, in the next newsletter I plan on sharing information about a process wherein we can take back control of the NAME and end the court's ability to obtain jurisdiction. I’ve been researching this approach for quite some time now, but because of personal health issues and other interruptions, have not been able to corroborate anything specific and positive about its use. And at present, I am not in a position to do so. So, I'm just going to lay it out there for others to consider and possibly prove for themselves. If this approach proves useful, it could be a game changer!

As always I encourage your feedback, if you have a question or a comment, pro or con. They are welcome as this helps me to assess the practical merits of the information provided. Just be patient with me as with all that is on my plate right now, it may take some time for me to reply.

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Eliot
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Two New (And Important) Articles That Each Subscriber Needs To Read!

Date: June 7, 2021

Hello Friends,

In my quest to get to the bottom of the reality underlying why the courts are acting as they are, I have recently discovered what I think is one of the main secrets courts use in order to gain jurisdiction without the victim understanding how or why this happened. In order to explain this phenomenon, I have broken up the information into two new articles.

First, I need to explain why it has taken me so long to complete these two articles. It’s not because the compositions are complicated to write and need the extra time, although that  certainly could be true. Nor it is true, at least to a greater rather than a lesser degree, that I needed extra time to research certain aspects of the material, although that certainly is likely true, it wasn't a factor in the present case. Under any brighter circumstances, I would have finished these articles much sooner than I did.

What has held me back is a debilitating chronic illness that saps me of energy and acts as a distraction when I have planned to get certain things done. Since I have no trust in the mainstream allopathic medical system to assist me with this illness (I have fired for incompetence three different so-called “medical providers” during this time), I have been going at this alone. This has been a particularly challenging illness to figure out and properly treat, which has cut into the limited time I have each day to get anything done. I’ve tried several treatment protocols on this illness over the past eleven months with mixed results, but never with the impression given that I have turned the corner on the disease.

It has taken time to research, find, and evaluate each treatment as this illness has progressed which in turn has bitten into the time I have to work on other things. The good news is that the newest treatment I have begun may be showing signs of a positive outcome in terms of turning the corner, but I’ll have to wait and see over the next period of time. I want to thank those people who have written to me suggesting various healing modalities for me to look into. Hopefully the protocol that I’m currently on will prove effective enough in the not too distant future for me to conclude that I am turning the corner and beginning to get a handle on healing. We’ll see. Anyway, on to the two new articles.

The first article, “The American Legal System Is Not What You Think It Is; What I Have Learned So Far” is based upon my experience in court combined with research I have been doing for the past several years. When the education system teaches one thing and your experience with that teaching in the real world contradicts it, then you know something unknown is afoot affecting things. This article endeavors to point out certain historical consistencies that have contributed to the way today’s courts treat cases. Hopefully this explanation will resonate in more people’s minds than not in order to explain the inconsistencies we see in the current legal system, and to shed some light on how we might handle them.

The second article picks up where the first article leaves off, and is entitled “The Twelve Presumption Of Court Which Must Be Overcome.” When looking at and evaluating any new or previously undisclosed legal process, I always seek to corroborate it with some testimony from the real world. This isn’t always possible, and because of that a perfectly effective process can be thrown into some doubt because no actual evidence can be ascertained to verify its use in reality. In this case, I was able to find a seminar put on by David Straight which lent testimony to the importance of the necessity to rebut the presumptions that courts use (cunningly and in my opinion illegally) to rope people into their jurisdiction. However I was not pleased with relatively brief and incomplete treatment these concepts were given in his talk as he was easily drawn off point by questions from his audience.

We must really take a close look at the public officials who have agreed to become a party to this trickery in order to determine who they really are. Anyone who agrees that it is okay, using artifice and deception, to confine their fellow man into a life of perpetual slavery simply because they know a secret that the rest of us do not must have something major wrong in their mental programming, to say the least! No doubt there is an amount of ego, conceit, vanity and arrogance in these people that plays an important role, if not the fact that many are being blackmailed to avoid disgrace by powers greater than they.

On the other hand, perhaps this demonstrates the alarming degree to which evil in this world is able to influence otherwise decent people who are too frail or weak to stand up to such bullying from the established status quo. At any rate, it does seem to say something about the entire institution of the legal profession that it should succumb to the lower depths of hell based upon human weakness and self-interest. Perhaps this lends credence, if not evidence, to the truism that “every man has his price.” I guess it just depends upon the man and the particular circumstances. At any rate, there is no excuse for such behavior in society. Not now, not ever. And I don't think that one of the founders of our country, Thomas Jefferson, would disagree with that.

So, for better or worse, there you have it.

As always I encourage any feedback, if you have a question or a comment, pro or con. They are welcome as this helps me to assess the practical merits of the information provided.

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Eliot
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New Article: Register the Legal NAME and Take Control of It

Date: July 20, 2021

Hello Friends,

This has been a long time in coming. I have been meaning to get this article up on the website for the longest of time, yet because of its sensitive nature, have had to wait through interruptions and to gather more real world evidence that it does what it’s proponents say it will do. I do my best not to be part of the unintended misinformation onslaught that has captured the Internet Information Highway. 

A bit of background information is appropriate at this point. I first came upon this concept and process in the Fall of 2018 as I was battling the third and final traffic ticket in the experience that I call “The Ordeal.” At first glance, it seemed to be a valid way to challenge the plaintiff’s ability to attach personam jurisdiction in the matter. I came across an audio file on Youtube in which the man being interviewed explained his discovery of a method which allowed him to defend, as a man, the NAME captioned on a court document. To say the least I was intrigued.

In the course of doing due diligence research, I was able to locate two other videos on this same subject, one of them an interview given by a couple who were students of and had implemented and used the concept explained by the man in the first audio file, and who were having success employing it. After transcribing a couple of videos, I hurriedly began gathering the necessary forms and other information explaining how to set this process up. I read through the material and began executing the actions necessary to bring the process into existence.

By this time in my Ordeal, I was seeking anything that might let me differentiate my capacity as a man from the legal fiction on court documentation. I was in the process of using this experience (that of fighting three traffic tickets back-to-back) to test one so-called remedy to my situation after the other to see which might stick. So far, the only one that showed any promise of achieving a positive outcome was this process that the man in the audio pesentation had described. It of course is always dicey using Internet sources of information. You never know when you’ve come across mis- or disinformation. And I have come across my fair share of that!

So it came to be that on the flimsiest thread of verification for the process (one Internet couple who had successfully used the process), and pretty much out of desperation, I decided to give it a go. Had I known about this method beforehand I most assuredly would have implemented it a lot earlier. But as it was, perhaps I could still learn something about it anyway in the present circumstance.

The premise for the process seemed reasonable and simple enough. Throughout this time I had been reading material I was coming across about how the Vatican supposedly has a copyright on our all capitalized NAME, and the courts were just exercising a breach of copyright law when they convicted a victim. Whether that was true or not, I didn’t know (at present I tend to think not), but I was willing to play along to find out. The so-called remedy for this circumstance was to gain permission, through registration of what amounts to a tradename, to use the name in commerce without it attaching legally to the man or woman doing so.  This involved obtaining what is called an Assumed Name Certificate (ANC) along with the accompanying Certificate of Existence and Registration which allows the holder permission to use the NAME without any legal repercussions. There was only one hitch: you had to jump through a few narrow hoops before the legal system would recognized the method, and you had to have been supplied with a valid plan of implementation beforehand for it to be effective.

Luckily for me, my sources of information were straight and true. My luck ran out when I learned that I had not done this in a timely manner with regard to the legal matter with which I was dealing at the time. But in learning that fact, I was provided with a valuable validation for the process itself from none other than the prosecutor himself. Still, though, you never know whether or not they (prosecutors) are lying. So I ended up waiting, giving it some time to see how things would go, before reporting on this process. It’s been five years now since that couple implemented and started using the ANC in their lives, and I’m happy to report that they have not suffered any legal repercussions from having done so. 

As with any method that deals with limiting the state’s ability to gather revenue, there are some roadblocks to avoid. What the states statutory information doesn’t tell you about this process is that there is only one state in the Union where the language used will allow one to take advantage of limiting the effect on the state’s ability to prosecute a matter. You have to know which state that is, and how to properly fill out their application form in order to get their system provide you with the correct language on the finished product, the Assumed Name Certificate. But once you have that finished product, you in essence have a get-out-of-jail-free card that can be used for ten years, and then renewed thereafter if need be.

For some people who do their due diligent research and learn everything there is to learn about this process, this could amount to a game changer. It will require making some mental changes about your everyday living situation in order to maintain, but that's a small price to pay for immunity from the legal system. I don’t want to give away too much here because I want people to read the article where all the advantages and roadblocks are all laid out with links to information resources so that people can get up and running with this information as soon as possible.

Here's the link to the article. Enjoy. Take Control Of The Name With An Assumed Name Certificate

As a preview of coming attractions, my next article will be outlining what amounts to a real Game Changer that will show a person how to opt out of the legal system altogether in such a way that the government authorities cannot challenge it in any way while having to walk on eggshells whenever they are around you. In addition, it will educate people about the concepts of law and history that were used to get us to this point. And for that alone, it is a valuable resource of which to take advantage. Now, that's something serious to think about! 

As always I encourage any feedback, if you have a question or a comment on the article, pro or con. They are welcome as this helps me to assess the practical merits of the information provided.

Yours sincerely

Thomas Eliot
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